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    Zidane: Two teams with the same DNA

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    Zinedine Zidane and Luka Modric preview Tuesday's Champions League match

    Prior to Tuesday's UEFA Champions League quarter-final leg one match, Zinedine Zidane and midfielder Luka Modric spoke to the media at Allianz Stadium:


    "I believe that in this type of matches the most important thing is experience…when two great clubs meet in a game like this, what really matters is trying to minimize mistakes and exploit others."

    "Certainly I feel well and I’m in good shape. I don’t have any problems or injuries or anything I had in previous matches they’re all gone and I feel very well. I hope we’ll carry on like this and being in great shape like I have been."

    "I think it’s a very positive thing that others [like Juventus] have a good opinion about us. It means they have great respect for us and we also have great respect for Juventus because they’re a very good team with very good players. That’s all, there’s mutual respect."




    "Certainly, we’ll try to play a good match and a good football because that’s what we can do very well. We are prepared and certainly tomorrow’s match will have nothing to do with what happened 10 months ago. That’s the past and we are focused on these quarter-finals."

    "I do believe that in the five years [at Juventus] I learned a lot, not only as a player, but as a person. Leaving France was a really radical change and transformation. They welcomed me here just like family. I have very good memories of that time and all the time at Juventus, but now I am on the other side and what I will do is think about the match that I’m going to play tomorrow."

    "I’ve experienced both teams and I do believe that these two teams share the same DNA. They always fight hard and always want to win every match they play. That’s something I learned when I was here at Juventus."

    "In my opinion, it’s a completely different situation [from last year’s match] and the teams are completely different. Tomorrow’s match has nothing to do with that match. The past is the past and in that occasion everything went well for us, but tomorrow’s match will be very different and you can’t predict the future."

    "Juventus has always been very strong and they’ve been doing very well. What they have done this year has clearly demonstrated it. I believe that Juventus is really a very complete team from this point of view and we have to be very careful about everything they do. In attack, midfield and defense."

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