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Benefits and services just for you

Plenty of exclusive benefits, among which the opportunity to meet with the team's Top Management.
Becoming a J1897 member means being a part of the history of Juventus and following the team from the front row.

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    MEETING WITH TOP MANAGEMENT J1897 Members will have the unique chance to dialogue and interact with the Top Management of Juventus during special venues organized by the Club.
    An exclusive privilege of meeting with the Top Management of the team.

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    WWAITING LIST FOR JUVENTUS PREMIUM CLUB SEASON PASS Registered J1897 Members will be included in the official waiting list to purchase a season pass for the most exclusive seats at the Juventus Stadium. A special treatment reserved to members to be on the top of the list when applying for a season pass to the Premium sectors of the stadium. An even more elegant and prestigious way of experiencing the home matches played by Juventus

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    VIP HOSPITALITY EXPERIENCE J1897 Membership offers you the possibility to enjoy the game in a special way. Discover all the luxury of the brand new hospitality club at Juventus Stadium, for a truly unique experience.

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    PARTNERSHIPS WITH JUVENTUS PARTNERS Services, events, premières and many other activities that during the year, J1897 Membership will give you the opportunity to discover in collaboration with the partners of Juventus.

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    CALL CENTER PERSONAL ACCOUNT A reserved hotline to request information and make reservations for the activities that J1897 Membership will organize for you throughout the year.

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    AND MUCH MORE TOO... Discounts and offers from Club Partners, dental care plan with Blue Assistance, a 10% discount on all the official merchandising of Juventus and a 16% discount on tickets to the JMuseum.