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Benefits and services just for you

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    FREE TRIAL OF PREMIUM CONTENTS FOR TWO MONTHS PThe trial period allows you to access certain privileges reserved to a Premium Member, exclusive video and photo galleries, comment the latest news and take part in polls and dedicated contets.

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    STADIUM MEMBER CARD This is the Supporter Card that is indispensable for going to see home and away Juventus matches, even when there are restrictions by the Sporting Events Authority.

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    PERSONAL PROFILE AND ACCESS TO THE COMMUNITY Through the personal profile assigned to you when you register, you will have access to the Juventus Membership community, the only official community of Juventus.

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    RECEIVE THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER To keep constantly up to date on all the new initiatives and benefits available only to Members.

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    VIDEOCHAT WITH TEAM PLAYERS You can meet your favourite players and interact with them in live streaming on the site.

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    AND MUCH MORE TOO... Make friends with other Members, join Groups, create your own group and access the chat rooms to discuss all the latest news.