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Be the first to know about all the latest facts and events around the Bianconeri world by following our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram pages. These social media outlets also feature exclusive news and interviews from your favourite champions

The club’s official pages on all manner of social networks mean you can interact with Juventus wherever you are, 24 hours a day

With the latest news, photos, video exclusives and full coverage of every match, Juventus’ various social networks are at the forefront of everything that’s happening in the world of the Bianconeri.

But more than just a source of the very latest updates as they unfold, our official profiles are also the place where you can join in with the conversation, interacting with the club, players and fellow fans.

Here are all the different ways you can stay in touch with Juventus Football Club:


Highlights, behind-the-scenes insights, previews and footage of glorious moments from Bianconeri history, all with English subtitles


All the pre and post-match excitement, as well as the most important Juventus happenings throughout the week and the applications that give your experience of following the team that something extra.


If you don’t speak Italian but still want to stay right up to date with your favourite team, look no further than the official English-language Twitter profile, @juventusfcen. Live, rapid-fire updates on matches, press conferences and Q&As with the players, plus, of course, the best of your very own tweets.


#InstaJuve is the hashtag that brings together your own photos as Juve fans, behind-the-scenes snaps from Vinovo, videos and images from Juventus Stadium and the most nostalgic shots from the archives.


The profile for all those who love Bianconeri history and statistics, and the platform that hosts exclusive live hangouts between players and fans.


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