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Corporate Governance

Juventus FC S.p.A, company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, has adopted a traditional model of management and control. Juventus’ Corporate Governance system based on such model is broadly described in the Report on Corporate Governance nd is characterized by the presence of the following bodies:

  • Partners’ Assembly
  • Board of Directors
  • Committees of the Board of Directors: Audit Committee, Executive Committee, and Remuneration and Appointment Committee
  • Board of Statutory Auditors
  • Auditors.

An essential element of Juventus’ Corporate Governance system is the Internal Control System established in accordance with the provisions of Italian Stock Exchange and Consob, and according to the highest standards of corporate governance.

In particular, according to the Self-regulatory Code of the Italian Stock Exchange, the Internal Control System is a set of rules, procedures and organizational structures intended to allow a healthy, correct business management, especially consistent with all the prearranged goals through an appropriate process of detection, measurement, management and monitoring of the main risks.

The Internal Control System taken by Juventus is fundamental and plays a key role in identifying, minimizing and managing the significant risks of Juventus, contributing to the protection of shareholders' investments and assets of the Company.