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16 Sep 2012

Vucinic, here’s our top player

On in the second half, the Montenegrin bags a goal and two assists: "We all changed the game, not just the subs"

Two assists and a goal in just 23 minutes. That on its own could tell the story of Mirko Vucinic’s performance against Genoa. But the statistics alone don’t do justice to just how devastating the Montenegrin’s display was. Mirko dominated the game, gave confidence to his team-mates and had the Rossoblu defence in disarray with his sheer presence. The definition of a “top player” - all over the papers in recent weeks  - is almost an affront to him. Vucinic is a true champion but being the leader he is, he rightly shared the plaudits with his colleagues. “We changed the game as a unit, it wasn’t just us guys that came off the bench. If one player doesn’t move, then neither does the team, we were static in the first half and yet we bounced back by playing with a different approach. The penalty? Sebastian offered it to me, I asked him if he wanted to take it, but he let me have it. Now we focus on Chelsea which will be another key match.”