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19 Sep 2012

Vidal's warrior spirit shines through

Midfielder stayed on the pitch with an ankle injury and got Juve back in the game with his goal: "That is how Juve's heart beats"

When your nickname is 'El Guerrero', you have to make sure you live up to it, even when you're carrying a knock. Arturo Vidal is a true warrior and he showed that again at Stamford Bridge. First the ankle injury that seemed to have taken him out of the game, then Chelsea's quick-fire double. You might legitimately expect morale to drop. But that was precisely when the 'Guerrero' emerged: one dip of the shoulder then - bang! - the ball was nestling in the net. Juve were right back in the game. A war cry if ever there was one.

“That is how Juve's heart beats,” the midfielder explained after the final whistle. “And that's how our hearts should beat every time we set foot on the pitch. We did that tonight and we're pleased. I'm pleased because we showed that our work is paying off. It paid off last season and it's paying off now that we're in the Champions League.”