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24 Jul 2013 - in: Events

The Agnellis and Juve, 90 years on

The Agnelli family and Juventus first came together on 24 July 1923, beginning an unbreakable union. Discover the story with the new exhibition at J-Museum 'Il Lunedì si parlava di calcio. Agnelli - Juventus: 90 anni di passione bianconera'

Celebrating 90 years of marriage is something very rare indeed, perhaps even the first of its kind. It certainly is in sport and the fact that we're the only ones who can celebrate such a feat makes us proud as well as happy. On 24 July 90 years ago, the Agnelli family began its relationship with Juventus through Edoardo, who would become president of Italy's most successful club.

That wasn't the case back in 1923 if we're honest. Football was a young and exciting sport, but it wasn't yet old enough, nor were the clubs. History was yet to be written and since that day, 24 July 1923, Juve and the Agnellis have created some unforgettable moments.

Together they have created a legend and telling the story means looking back through the pages – and not just the sports ones – of an entire country. That's exactly what has been done at J-Museum in an exhibition dedicated to the family and the Old Lady: "Il Lunedì si parlava di calcio.

Agnelli - Juventus: 90 anni di passione bianconera" ("On Mondays we talked football. Agnelli - Juventus: 90 years of  Bianconeri passion"). Seeing it, reliving the past, revisiting the innovations that this union has brought about in football, is not simply a trip back in time. It's a stimulating journey, of which we only know the start.

"It was in July 1923 that Edoardo Agnelli became Juventus president," recalled Andrea Agnelli on 14 May, when he inaugurated the exhibition. "After him came Gianni, Umberto and now I'm here, but Juventus had won things before each of us came along and will continue to do so afterwards. In 90 years my family has won the Scudetto 30 times, an extraordinary average: but the best triumph will be the next one." A short but sincere statement. All that's needed to tell the story of the Agnelli family and Juventus.