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29 Dec 2011

Thank you Indonesia

In the Southeast Asia, enthusiasm for Juventus is increasingly growing. Especially on social networks

This can be a sort of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ quiz. What is the country – after Italy of course – where Juventus have the highest number of fans on their Facebook page? The U.S.A.? No, they aren’t. Perhaps France? You’re wrong. Maybe Indonesia? Are you sure? Would you like to turn it on?

Yes, it’s true: the Southeast Asian country is the foreign place which houses the highest number of Bianconeri fans on the web. Especially on the popular social network - but on Twitter as well -, where hundreds of thousands supporters have joined the official fan page.

This success is also granted by different data. More than half of visitors who usually consult the English news are from Indonesia. Moreover, the capital Djakarta is among the cities with the greatest number of subscribers.

Many fans who are very active and deeply involved as well. Indonesia also occupies the second place in the special ranking of users who interact and leave affection messages.

A huge affection which passes numbers and tables, and which shows the great appeal of the black and white colours. An affection display which deserves a big ‘Thank you’ from Juventus.

Thank you to all the Indonesian supporters who, thousands kilometres far from Italy, express their love for the Bianconeri and their colours. Forza Juve!