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02 Sep 2012

Marotta: “More satisfaction against a full team”

"The red card for Brkic was unfair. We would have preferred to beat eleven men”

"We came to the Friuli for a win. Winning against ten men is no great joy, we would have preferred to beat them on equal terms." At the end of the match against Udinese, with admirable honesty Giuseppe Marotta was at pains to point out that Brkic's sending-off a few minutes into the game spoiled it as a contest. "The goalkeeper's red card was a big factor in the game and I honestly think it was a harsh decision. I thought it was a penalty, but with the goal-line assistants I think we're going to see more penalties and automatic red cards. I'm in favour of this innovation, but I'm against a sending-off which makes a game one-sided and actually does no favours to the winners. We're pleased to have won but would have preferred to do it against a full team. In the next meetings we'll have to start a dialogue with the refereeing body with a view to changing this rule or getting referees to change their approach, because this damages the game as a spectacle."

Juventus put in a first-class performance, however, and Sebastian Giovinco stood tallest. "He was one of the best players in the country last season. Coming to play for us has given him new responsibilities and in any case he was going to need time to settle in. The more he trains with us, the more consistent he will become."