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09 Feb 2013

Nedved: “A great test of character”

“Today we really wanted the three points and played well to get them. We’re ready for the Champions League tie”

Pavel Nedved believes Juventus drew on all their character to emerge victorious from tonight’s encounter with Fiorentina at Juventus Stadium.

Speaking after the game, the club director said: “We are very satisfied with how the team approached the match. Fiorentina play a great style of football, they have a more than capable coach and a dangerous team. But today we really wanted the three points and played well to get them.

“It was a great test of character and everyone worked towards the same goal. In January, we had a slight dip in form but you can’t be at the top of your game over the course of a whole season. Now we’re in form and ready for Europe.”

With the Bianconeri now set to return to their Champions League campaign in Tuesday night’s last 16 first leg encounter with Celtic, Nedved conveyed his belief that Conte’s men have what it takes to handle the daunting atmosphere that awaits them in Scotland.

“I’m fully aware of the atmosphere that awaits us in Glasgow because I’ve been there and experienced it first hand. We’ll be stepping into a lion’s den and I don’t think the team will need firing up. We’ll have to tough it out, but we have shown that we’re ready.”