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15 Jan 2014 - in: Events

BLACK and WHITE STRIPES: The Juventus Story

The build-up to the release of independent film “Black and White Stripes: The Juventus Story” begins with a photo exhibition entitled “The Art of Black and White Stripes”, to be staged on 18 January in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival

An independent film, “Black and White Stripes: The Juventus Story” by New York-based Italian-American filmmakers Marco & Mauro La Villa, is starting to take flight - it all begins with an exhibition of photos from the film!  

Entitled “The Art of Black and White Stripes: Photography Edition”, it will take place in Park City, Utah on 18 January 2014 during the Sundance Film Festival.  

“The Art of Black and White Stripes” is the result of a convergence of two of the world’s most celebrated temporal disciplines, namely football and cinema. 

Having created “Black and White Stripes: the Juventus Story” as a documentary film, the La Villa brothers felt the desire to share the process, elements, and creative arc that led to merging two of their great passions into one.

For this they dreamed of a journey beyond the eyes and ears, one that allows for a fully immersive, intimate, and extra-sensory experience into the making of their film.

“The Art of Black and White Stripes” is a traveling exhibition on the making of the 2014 documentary “Black and White Stripes: The Juventus Story”, devised as a three- dimensional experience. 

It will be rolled out in three parts over 2014 and 2015 and is made up of three individual gallery editions focused on “photography”, “visual effects” and “sound” from the film.

Among the attendees of the event in Park City will be Lapo Elkann, Marco & Mauro La Villa, Oscar Winner David Franzoni, and many more. This is just the beginning: there are many, many more exciting updates to come from now until this fall!!

For more information, visit the official website.