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30 Mar 2013

Matri: "Now for Bayern"

The matchwinner analyses the significance of Juve's triumph in Milan: "A key win, we played at a high tempo from the off"

The media seemed to spend more time talking about the Bayern match this week than today's meeting with Inter, with Conte and his troops at pains to stress that the team's focus was solely on the Nerazzurri. Everyone seemed to think the Bianconeri would have their minds elsewhere but once again Juve proved their doubters wrong with their performance and with the result.

Alessandro Matri helped reinforce the point by netting the matchwinner this afternoon. After the final whistle he had this to say: "It was a big win for us and we played at a high tempo right from the off. My goal? Anelka had told me I'd score... We've picked up three crucial points for the league table and now we're focused on Bayern."

Juve will rightly turn their attentions to Bayern for the moment but Matri insisted that they must keep firing on all cylinders in Serie A too: "There's no mathematical certainty of anything yet so we'll keep treating every match as if it were a final. Today's game took a lot out of us and we need to recharge our batteries ahead of Munich. We'll have a warm-down tomorrow then on Monday we'll train specifically with Tuesday's game in mind."