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Brand Protection

Working to defeat counterfeiting

The JUVE, JUVENTUS and brands and logos are the sole propriety of Juventus Football Club.
All illicit and unauthorized uses of these brands and logos, as well as alterations or imitations considered to be counterfeits, are liable to result in legal action according to current laws on the subject.

Some examples of illicit uses:

Registering a domain name containing the name JUVE or JUVENTUS and/or using the aforementioned brands or logos without authorization in the website pages is not permitted.
Some examples of domain names reacquired following lawsuits by Juventus Football Club:

Examples of illicit alteration and modifications of the logos:


Official Juventus merchandise carries specific markings - including a special three-dimensional hologram - identifying its authentic status.
Merchandise not carrying such markings is considered counterfeit material of official merchandise.