Giuseppe Marotta

CEO and General Manager for Sport Area

Giuseppe Marotta was born in Varese in 1957; for more than 30 years he has been managing professional football teams.
He started his career in 1978 in Varese. In 1986 Marotta joined Monza club and afterwards he was named Managing Director of Como and then of Ravenna.
Later for 5 years he worked at Venezia which, after 31 years, was promoted to the A division, where the club played during the following football season, too. From August 2000 to May 2002 Marotta served as Managing Director of Atalanta; in May 2002 he was named Managing Director and Board Member of U.C.
Sampdoria. During that football season, he reorganized the Sampdoria football team, which was promoted to the A division. In February 2004 Marotta was also named Chief Executive Officer of U.C. Sampdoria.
Since June 2010 he has been serving as Managing Director for the Sport Area of of Juventus Football Club.
He currently holds the position of Vice President of the FIGC Technical Sector. He is also Director of the ADISE, Association of Sport Rights. Marotta is also Member of the Board of “SDA Bocconi - School of Management”.