11 Sep 2013 - in: Youth academy

Changes to Primavera schedule

The Primavera will be playing earlier than expected in their next two league championship fixtures against Empoli and derby rivals Torino

According to changes to the Juve Primavera fixtures timetable by Lega Serie A, Andrea Zanchetta’s side will play Empoli at 13.30 CET rather than 15.00 CET on Saturday 14 September at Chisola, and will contest the derby away at Torino at 14.00 CET seven days later.

Inbetween those two fixtures, the youngsters will play their first Youth League game away against Copenhagen on Tuesday 17 September at 15.00 CET.

And following the momentous clash that is the derby with Torino, the Bianconeri will face another key fixture: the Italian Super Cup against Lazio at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico on Thursday 26 September.