12 Jul 2013 - in: The team

South American duo gunning for glory together at Juve

Carlos Tévez states his high ambitions for 2013/14 and Arturo Vidal says he’s here to stay during this afternoon’s Bwin press conference in Chatillon

Chilean Arturo Vidal and the new addition to Juve’s South American contingent, Argentine Carlos Tévez, showed the bond of understanding they have already formed when they praised each other at today’s press conference to announce the club’s new partnership with Bwin.

On his experience at this morning’s first Châtillon training session, in which the Bianconeri were put firmly through their paces by Antonio Conte in a physically demanding workout, Tévez joked,  “I can already tell that I’ll be running a lot more than I did in England. We’re straight into the hard yards, right from this morning’s session.”

The new Juve frontman also echoed Conte’s belief that if they continue their hard work during training, the current side has the potential for great success.

 “We’ve got a team capable of sealing a third successive title. That’s is the main objective and it’s very important, but we’ll also be able to give it our best in the Champions which remains everyone’s dream… I just want to work hard and do all I can for the team.”    

Full of praise for his new Argentine team-mate was Vidal, who has long been a fan of his.

 “I can see he’s already settled in well. Carlos is a champion, we’ve crossed pass a couple of times when playing for our respective countries and he’s always been one of the best. I also followed his progress when he was playing for Boca Juniors in Argentina. I’ve always held him in high regard.”

Tévez has been heralded as a world-class player on his arrival at Juve, but major European clubs’ interest in Vidal after an outstanding 2012/13 season demonstrates that  he is now equally respected in the top circles of football.

However, the Chilean quelled fears that his future career lay away from Turin by stating his happiness at the fact that he is now in contract discussions with Juve.

 “It’s nice to hear that a strong side like Real Madrid is interested in me, but I’m equally happy to stay here. The fact that Juve want to keep me is very important as far as I’m concerned.”