11 Jul 2013 - in: Youth academy

Youth academy 2013/14 coaches confirmed

Della Morte, Gabetta and Grabbi to reprise last season’s roles. New arrivals Zanchetta and Zappella will take charge of the Primavera and Allievi B respectively

As the various teams that make up Juventus’ youth sector prepare to embark on their summer training camps, they now know for certain the names of the coaches who will be in charge of proceedings.

The Primavera hotseat will now belong to Andrea Zanchetta, a Piedmont-born ex-professional who played for Chievo Verona and Lecce. He arrives off the back of his success in leading the Allievi at Cremonese to the recent National Finals at Chianciano Terme. The man at Zanchetta’s side will be Fabio Grosso.

Making way are Marco Baroni, who will be the new manager of Lanciano in Serie B, and Fabrizio del Rosso, who is embarking on a new challenge in China.

Ivano Della Morte will retain his role as the coach of Allievi Nazionali A and B, after narrowly missing out on last season’s Scudetto title with his ever improving group of players.

The Allievi Nazionali I and II will have a new face leading them in the 2013/14 campaign after Giuseppe Zappella was confirmed as Giuseppe Angelini’s replacement.  After a long career as a player for a number of clubs throughout Italy before moving to the Urawa Reds in Japan and then returning to his homeland to play in Piedmont, Zappella will now take the reins of the Bianconeri youngsters.

Looking to the Giovanissimi, there are also changes for the coming season. Corrado “Ciccio” Grabbi will hope to achieve the same success he had with last year’s crop of youngsters after being promoted to coach of the Regionali.

Meanwhile for the Nazionali, Claudio Gabetta will continue his exceptional work of the last two years in which he led his team the finals of the Scudetto finals on both occasions.

Juventus Football Club would like to extend a warm welcome to the new arrivals, and wish those departing all the very best in their future careers.