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      J1897 e Premium Membership

      How do I access my member profile?

      To log in to your profile, select “enter” on the bar at the bottom of the home page, the “dashboard”. Enter your nickname and password in the window that opens up.

      What is the dashboard?

      The dashboard is the toolbar which is always at the bottom of the page on juventus.com. You must use this to log in and access your profile, and also to log out from the site. Unlike before, your profile is managed using the dashboard. Your profile and the relative sections of the Members' area will always open up when you click on this bar.

      Once you have entered your profile, you will see your nickname, and your avatar at the bottom left of the page. This means that you have correctly logged in as a Juventus Member and that you can also access the functions “Your favourites”, “Change your Profile”, "Give a Membership as a Gift”, “Contacts”.

      What is the page “MyJHome”?

      “My J Home” is the page that contains a summary of the contents that you can find on the Member page of Juventus.com. This page is divided into three parts: “Your personal highlights”, where you will find the contents that Juventus has selected for you, the latest news and exclusive articles, together with a poll and the "Tu Juve" blog. Here you can also receive updates on the recent activities of your friends, and welcome new users.

      How do I send a friendship request to a member?

      If you know the name of the user you are interested in, you can search for him or her using the button "Search the site" on the top left of the pages of the site, or consult the “Community” page, present in the menu of your dashboard. In this way you can make friends with both the most popular members and with newcomers to the site.

      How do I upload a photograph or a video?

      From the Dashboard, enter the "Wall" page then click on “Upload a photo or a video”. You can upload the photo from your computer or add a video by sharing a link. You can choose a title and a brief description to publish with your photos and videos, and you can also decide where to post them (e.g. in a group). On your Wall you can view your videos and photos, by clicking on the pages "Your Photos" or "Your Videos".

      How can I see other members' photos and videos?

      From your dashboard, access the Community page and click on “Members' Photos” or “Members' Videos”.

      How do I take part in a contest?

      All contests and instructions regarding participation are available in the “Promos and initiatives” area, which can be accessed from the dashboard. Here you will find a description of all the exclusive activities and the rules for participation.

      How do I change my profile?

      Select the option “Change Profile” on the right on the dashboard. Here you can change your personal details if necessary.

      How do I join a group?

      On the Dashboard, you will find the page “Groups”. The page that opens up contains two menus: “My Groups” (those you have already joined) and “All groups”, which you can join.

      How can I write on the blog?

      You can access the blog from the “MyJHome” page. Once you have entered the blog, you will find conversations and posts where you can add comments. By clicking on “write something here”, you can also send your own posts, which will be screened by the JuventusMember editors before being published.

      How do I take part in a poll?

      You have to be logged on to the site, then you can vote from the Home page or from “MyJHome”.

      How can I contact Juventus?

      Once you have logged in, you will find the heading "Contacts" on the right of the “My Jhome” page. Clicking here, you can view the “contact form”, enter your email address and request assistance.

      Can I post comments on the news published on juventus.com?

      Yes, for every piece of news published on the site you can read the comments posted by others and enter your own. All comments must abide by the Code of Ethics that you signed when activating your Membership.

      How do I activate a trial membership?

      If you decide to register with Juventus.com as an E-Member or Stadium Member, you are entitled to a two-month trial membership of the site. You can therefore browse the Members' area, with your personal profile, accessing all the content, including those exclusively reserved for “Members Only”. After the two months have passed, you can decide whether to renew your membership to Juventus.com, and the community, by upgrading to become a Premium Member. Only by upgrading will you be able to participate in exclusive events and benefit from all the advantages reserved exclusively for Premium Members. You can activate your trial membership using the button on the dashboard, or by directly clicking on the “activate trial” button that appears when you attempt to access reserved content.

      How do I go about getting a new Supporter Card in the event of theft, loss or damage?

      If your season ticket or a single ticket has been uploaded to your Supporter Card you will need to attach a copy of the police report by sending an e-mail to customercare_ticketing@juventus.com, pointing out the theft/loss/damage of your Supporter Card.

      To enter the Juventus Stadium, all you need to do is go to ticket office B before the event begins carrying with you the original police report.

      To obtain a new Supporter Card, you will need to make a payment of €16.50 via postal order to account number 81522708 in the name of JUVENTUS F.C.  As the reason for payment, please state “Duplicate Card in the name of: Name Surname”.

      Once the payment has been made, please click here to attach the receipt of the postal order to the online form, stating in the body of the text: "Duplicate Card in the name of: Name and Surname, specifying the shipping address. Postal order receipt attached."

      Junior Membership

      Who can have a Junior Membership?

      All fans aged 0-10 can join the Junior Membership program.

      How much does a Junior Membership cost?

      €25 if you are resident in Italy, €40 if resident abroad.

      Who can buy a Junior Membership?

      Anyone can buy a Junior Membership (parents/relatives/friends/acquaintances) at any time.

      Do you have to apply for a supporters' card at the same time as joining the Junior Membership program?

      No. Fans aged 6 and above can apply for a supporters' card, but they can join the Junior Membership program without one.

      Do children need a supporters' card to enter the stadium?

      Entrance is free up for children up to the age of 5. A form of id for the child and the accompanying adult is all that is needed. Children under 6 entering free are not assigned a seat.

      A supporters' card is necessary for children aged 6 or above for the following:

      • To buy a children's season ticket
      • To transfer a ticket to a child
      • To buy a ticket for a match if the child is resident in the region where the visiting team is based
      • To buy a ticket for home matches when the national observatory for sports events determines that supporters' cards are required
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