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Pavel Nedved

Name: Pavel
Surname: Nedved
Role: Vice Chairman
Nationality: Czech
Pavel Nedved was born in Cheb (Czechoslovakia) on August 30, 1972. He was a professional football player. 
In Czechoslovakia he played at Dukla and at Sparta Praga; he played 91 times for the Czech Repubblic national team. Since 1996 he played in Italy, first at Lazio and then, from 2001 to 2009, at Juventus FC. 
Vice-champion of Europe, both as club and national player, thanks to the results achieved first in 1996 with the Czech Repubblic and then with Juventus, in 2003 he won the Golden ball award. 
In August 2009 he announced the end of his football career as a player. He is considered one of the best midfield player of Europe, and he is the foreign player who played for the longest period at Juventus. He is the 7th best foreign goal scorer ever of Juventus. 
Since 2010 he sat in the Board of Directors of Juventus and in 2015 he has been appointed Vice Chairman.