Un calcio al razzismo

      Juventus is against any form of social and origin-based discrimination, racism, xenophobia and violence as reported in its Code of Ethics. Juventus stands at the forefront of the fight against racism and discrimination with concrete gestures which also involve the local communities. In fact, each season the Club addresses important issues like social inclusion and the fight against racism and discrimination.

      In 2009, Juventus in collaboration with the Turin UNESCO Center gave life to “Un calcio al Razzismo”, a project to promote the values of sport by providing tangible support to young people committed to fighting racism.

      Now in its seventh edition, the project includes the award of two €5,000 scholarships for young people between the ages of 18 and 25 of any nationality, resident in Italy and to volunteer nonprofits active in the Piedmont Region and registered in the Regional Registry of Volunteer Organizations, who have become leaders in activities designed to overcome racism and any other form of discrimination.

      The winners of the seventh edition were: PROJECT “CUORI SENZA FRONTIERE: STORYTELLING DEL CALCIO SENZA CONFINI” The project consists in organizing an interactive photography exhibition that will be presented during the opening ceremony of the Tournament “Balon Mundial - La Coppa del Mondo della Comunità Migranti” [The World Cup of Migrant Communities] planned for the end of the month of May 2018. The exhibition “Boundless Hearts: Storytelling of Football Without Borders” will be on display permanently and completely free of charge at the headquarters of the ASD Balon Mundial Onlus at the Turin Youth Center (TYC) and will be enlarged week after week with new audiovisual content made during the activities of the Cuori d’Aquila refugee football team.

      PROJECT “cARTE D’IDENTITÀ“ The project consists in setting up an art exhibition to give greater prominence to the work of a group of young asylum seekers from the Cavoretto reception center in Turin; the works are created in the media of clay, drawing and painting, collage and Papier-mâché. This exhibition aims to communicate with those outside the center by presenting the culture of these people. In this way, the greater visibility might “touch the hearts” of those who do not have the ability to get closer to the young people at the center and who often take on attitudes of mistrust, if not open racism, against them.

      PROJECT “IL PULMINO VERDE NELLE SCUOLE”  The project aims to create a laboratory of active citizenship to be carried out in the schools of the metropolitan area of Turin, to increase awareness on the issues related to migration and reception.

      The beneficiaries are the students, often targeted by media campaigns that disseminate superficial or harmful information about this very complex phenomenon. Therefore, the objective is to implement an educational intervention dedicated to the matter in order to equip the project target groups with useful tools to correctly analyze the events.

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