Introducing Juventus Undici, a new experience that is uniquely Juventus.

UNDICI is Juventus' new branded experience format, that is now present in Milan. SHOT is a space dedicated to food on offer within the Juventus Flagship Store in Milan.

UNDICI is a place full of symbolic elements, conceived as a real convivial space, capable of offering an all-Italian experience based on the concept of sharing and four main actions:


Central element of the concept and, at the same time, the physical space is a large table with a rectangular shape which recalls the same geometry of a football field. The table. as a key element of space, is symbolic for sharing ideas, experiences and thoughts but, above al,l passions. The passion for football, first and foremost, but not only.
Everywhere the emphasis is on the culinary offerings designed to enhance the traditions of Italian Cuisine with a healthy and careful use of quality raw materials.


Passions and attitude. The Rectangle, a central sharing table, is the epicentre of Juventus Undici. Sharing is an Italian social attitude and The Rectangle is the place where people experience an authentic Italian atmosphere, around an iconic table. Inclusive, shared, social, friendly, spontaneous, the table hosts seats and offers a selection of football magazines and books available to the public. People can eat, read, work and socialize.



Convivial and spontaneous dining. An unconventional but authentic anthology of Italian regional excellences that depict the richness of Italian gastronomy. Excellent raw ingredients and fresh wheat-based reparations compose the menu from breakfast through to lunch. With regional cheese and cold-cut platters, southern friselle, panini and hot soups, to culminate in a truly authentic aperitivo experience. All paired with a carefully curated drinks selection and coffee specially blended by Segafredo Zanetti.

Influencer Brunch at Undici Shot


Juventus Undici goes beyond football. Inside the venue is situated a shop area that hosts lifestyle and Juventus Undici products, evolving from traditional football retail to new categories that reflect the culture and style of Juventus. It’s not just football merchandise, it’s Juventus culture merchandising. An informal meeting place. Play is an aggregating area and space where people can be part of the action and immerse themselves in the mood of the venue.



Juventus uniqueness. A new engaging way of learning about the story of Juventus and the team through memorabilia, documentation, posters and card boxes placed throughout Juventus Undici. This place will go beyond its core football identity and deliver a variety of content in order to create a curated anthology of football and Italian experiences.


Juventus Undici is the next place to be. If you are interested on how to open a Juventus Undici in your city please click the box below.