This registration, prior to finalisation of the procedure for issuing a Juventus Card, a Membership Card or any other service for which prior registration is required, can only be carried out by a parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of 16, as that child cannot do so on its own.

      The e-mail address must be that of the parent or legal guardian. The personal data must be those of the minor who will be the holder of the Juventus Card or Membership Card.

      As provided by the Personal Data Information, the data of the child will be processed exclusively for service purposes related to the provision of the Juventus Card, the Membership Card or other services that require prior registration. The data will not be processed for marketing or profiling purposes. Furthermore, the minor cannot independently purchase for himself or for others, payment services. We remind you that, upon reaching 16 years, the minor can confirm, modify or revoke the consent given or authorized by the person exercising parental responsibility. If the minor does not take any action, the consent given or authorized by the holder of parental responsibility in relation to the processing of personal data, provided before the minor has reached the age of 16, will remain valid.

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