Juventus Nation

      With a Facebook population of 20 million, a figure dwarfing that of many countries around the world, the time has finally come for the founding of the Juventus Nation along with its very own constitution, capital city and national anthem.

      Our Juventus Nation values

      With our flag, followers, anthem and capital city in place, we realised that there was still an important pillar missing to our Juventus Nation: our constitution. 

      Having suggested a few founding articles ourselves, we passed the country-builiding responsabilities over to you, the fans, and as ever you pulled through for us in style.

      Given that all Bianconeri are equal in the eyes of the Old Lady, there seemed no better way to establish the principles of our new community, one that is built on teamwork, equality, desire to win and a devotion to the Juve cause. 

      Our law-making duties aren't finished yet though, we're constantly on the lookout for your ideas and suggestions to add yet more key values to our new constitution. 


      Becoming a Juventus Nation citizen, however well policed our borders are, is ever so simple. All we ask from you is an adherence to the principles outlined above and a proof of your love for the Bianconeri.

      While we ask for your devotion to the cause, Juventus Nation recognises the right of its fans to support their team in any way they please. Whether you're a regular at Juventus Stadium or one of our biggest fans on the other side of the world, Article 3 of our constitution guarantees that all Juventini are equal in the eyes of the Old Lady.

      Which such open and simple citizenship eligibility, it's no surprise that there are already 20 million of us...


      All Juventus Nations citizens are eligible for a JPassport, which are put together using top-of-the-range technology. You don’t need to worry anymore about queuing at security or having document after document stamped upon approval.

      Just a simple click of the keyboard, a single form to fill out and hey presto you’ve got your JPassport. Just make sure to keep it safe at all times.

      By visiting Nation.Juventus.com you can create your own JPassport. All you need to do is insert your Facebook username and password and in just a few steps you’ll have your official document ready to use.

      Each passport records how long you have been a Juve fan, how many matches you have seen the Bianconeri win, the scorelines and, last but not least, which trophies you have seen captains of the Old Lady lift during the course of your time as an honourable supporter of Massimiliano Allegri’s men.


      If the pride of pocketing your own piece of Juve history wasn’t enough, we’ve even got a rather special prize draw that will see five lucky Juventini selected to represent their new country in an official capacity for the visit of Milan in November.

      You can stake your claim and put forward your ambassadorial credentials by clicking the link below (NOTE: all ambassadorial candidates must be in possession of a valid JPassport). 


      On November 1st we’ll be celebrating our 118th birthday and naturally you’re all invited. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, pull on the black and white stripes to honour the occasion.

      Get the party started in earnest by posting your photos on the event page or on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #JuventusDay.

      Rest assured that we’ll credit your creativity with a mention here on Juventus.com!

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