J1897 Day


      What is J1897 Members’ Day?

      It’s an annual event reserved for J1897 Members consisting of a meeting with the Juventus Top Management, enabling J1897 Members to discuss issues relating to the team, talk about the club’s activities and suggest future avenues of development. 

      When will the event take place?

      The event will take place on the Friday before our last home match of the season, against Crotone: Friday 19 May (time to be confirmed). 

      Where will the event be held?

      The event will be held in Turin at the Juventus Stadium.

      Why have the location and time not been confirmed yet?

      The event program will be communicated to all the participants as soon as possible.

      Can I bring a friend or relative?

      The J1897 Members’ Day is exclusively for J1897 members, so only those enrolled on the scheme can attend. No other people will be admitted. 

      If I travel with another person to the event, will he/she be able to wait for me at the stadium or whatever other location the event takes place at?

      It won’t be possible for other people to wait inside the stadium or at another other location.

      Can travel companions visit J-Museum or go on a Stadium Tour?

      Travel companions can purchase tickets for J-Museum or a Stadium Tour through the normal sales channels (http://www.juventus.com/it/tickets/biglietti-museum-tour/index.php).

      Can I buy tickets for the game against Crotone?

      Of course. You can take advantage of the sales period reserved exclusively for J1897 Members. Details will be announced in the usual way in due course.

      Will Juventus v Crotone be played on Sunday 21 May at 15:00 CET?

      The Lega Calcio has not yet confirmed the date or kick-off time for the game.

      If the J1897 Member is a minor, can he/she be accompanied by an adult who is not a J-Member?

      J1897 members under the age of 16 can be accompanied by an adult who is not a J1897 Member. No special procedures for the purchase of tickets for Juventus v Crotone are planned for non-J1897 Members who accompany minors.

      Will parking be available at the designated location?

      Further details will be provided over the coming weeks.

      Are there any agreements in place with nearby hotels for discounted rates?

      There are no agreements with any hotels in place.

      How long will the event last?

      The event will last approximately three hours. Further details regarding the programme will be announced over the coming weeks.

      What will happen during the event?

      More details regarding the event – which will involve Juventus senior management figures – will be announced over the coming weeks.

      If the event takes place at Juventus Stadium, will a visit of J-Museum be included?

      More details regarding the event’s location and programme will be announced over the coming weeks.

      Once I have confirmed by email or phone that I intend to come, will I receive any further communication?

      You will receive the programme with details of the location at least two weeks before the event.

      If a friend of mine wants to come to the event, how can he/she sign up for a J1897 Membership?

      Enrolments for this year’s J1897 Membership programme are now closed. Your friend can join the scheme from July 2017 or buy a Premium Membership now then upgrade in July 2017.

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