To access to the reserved booking period with your B&W or J1897 Membership, you must have a valid Juventus Card (ex Supporters’ Card). If you don’t, buy the Juventus Card (ex Supporters’ Card) for the special price of €15.

      You can buy tickets through the following channels: 

      For more information call our Fan Service at (+39) or (+39)

      Click here to buy the Juventus Card (ex Supporters' Card). Please note that the Juventus Card will be sent to you within 25 days from the date of the validation of the request form required to order a card.

      J1897 Members get priority ticket access before Black&White Members and the general public.

      Black&White Members get priority ticket access before the general public.

      Junior Members, if accompanied by a J1897 or Black&White Member, can also access the priority ticket sales phase reserved for their accompanying J1897 or Black&White Member. Tickets can be purchased by contacting the our Fan Service at (+39) or (+39)

      Junior Members are not required to be in possession of a Juventus Card (ex Supporters' Card).

      Please remember that access to priority ticketing is only guaranteed while tickets last.


      Who can buy

      I am a Member:

      You must be a J1897 or Black&White Member and be in possession of a Juventus Card (ex Supporters' Card) to buy tickets.

      Find out more information.  

      HOW TO BUY

      I am a Member living in Italy:

      If you are in possession of a Juventus Card (ex Supporters' Card), you can purchase tickets through the following channels: 

      I am a Member based abroad:

      If you are in possession of a Juventus Card (ex Supporters' Card), you can purchase tickets through the following channels: 

       Find out more information.

      *For further information on costs and conditions of the Ticketone Call Center visit TicketOne web site 


      All J1897 and Black & White Members holding a Juventus Card (ex Supporters' Card) can buy up to four tickets provided they are all for J1897 or Black & White Members.

      If accompanied by a J1897 or Black & White Member, with a valid Juventus Card (ex Supporters' Card), Junior Members can also pre-order tickets to Allianz Stadium.

      Junior Members will qualify for a special Under-16 price.


      All J1897 and Black & White Members who pre-order can buy a maximum of three extra tickets for Junior Members.

      Please note: Tickets purchased during the pre-order period cannot be transferred.

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