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      Chiellini shares breakfast with his fans

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      In a virtual chat with four lucky winners of Balocco’s ‘Breakfast with a champion’ competition, Giorgio Chiellini describes his feelings on winning the 2013/14 Scudetto

      Fresh from confirming his status as a true champion by celebrating Scudetto glory at the weekend, Giorgio Chiellini has shared a triumphant breakfast with the lucky winners of Balocco’s ‘Breakfast with a champion’ competition in this morning’s Google Hangout.

      During a lengthy virtual conversation the defender described as “definitely more relaxed than February’s previous breakfast chat!” now that the Bianconeri have succeeded in making history with a third consecutive title, the four fans we’re treated to an insight on topics ranging from the best moment of his career to the strangest goal he’s scored and his studies off the field.

      Joined by Jtv presenter Enrico Zambruno, the 29-year-old Bianconeri man began of course with his joy at Juve’s Scudetto triumph: “It was definitely our big objective for the season. We knew it was going to be difficult but we really wanted it, and winning it during such a stimulating campaign - breaking records - was special.”

      Chiellini went on to reveal the victory that has stuck with him the most over the course of the title-winning season as being the 3-0 success over Roma at Juventus Stadium.

      “That was the best moment of the season: they hadn’t lost yet at that stage and they were convinced of coming to Turin to pick up some points, but instead it was us who triumphed with a resounding result. We wanted that win at all costs.”

      Beyond just the current season, the next question asked Chiellini to pick a stand-out game from the more than 300 appearances he has made in the black and white stripes. He may have been put on the spot, but he quickly produced two famous fixtures.

      “If I had to choose just one, I’d say the victory over Real Madrid under manager Claudio Ranieri, when we won home and away. But the win over Cagliari in Trieste to cap an unbeaten league campaign was also incredible: not even in our dreams could we have imagined such a season when we started out.”

      Next up was a question from one student to another about Chiellini’s academic interests.

      “Studying is a hobby for me, something I enjoy doing to take a break from thinking about matches. It’s a challenge I’ve set myself and I take it slowly in my own time!”

      After revealing that he would probably have followed his father in pursuing a career as a doctor if he hadn’t become a footballer, the conversation turned to the World Cup: an experience the 29-year-old hopes will be “a great adventure”.

      “I think it could be an advantage for us that Barzagli, Bonucci and myself all know each other’s game like the back of our hand. We don’t even have to look at each other – we already know where the others will be.”

      For a defender, Chiellini manages to get himself on the scoresheet with impressive regularity, and finding the back of the net was the next topic raised by the fans linked up with their hero in the Google Hangout.

      “It doesn’t happen that often so when it does it’s a great feeling. But my job is to stop them happening rather than netting them myself at the other end!

      “The one I scored against Torino was decisive because there were less than ten minutes left. Then there’s my goal against Napoli last season, another important one because I think they knew they wouldn’t be able to catch up with us after that.

      “The strangest one was probably when I found myself up front at the culmination of a counter attack in our Italian Super Cup win this year.”

      On that victorious note it was time for Chiellini to salute his fans with the hope that he’d be back to talk about more great successes on the field in the not too distant future.

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