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      Marotta reveals secrets behind Juve success

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      The club CEO speaks exclusively to Radio Anch'io Sport: “Our attention to detail, Conte’s ability and the Agnelli family’s sense of belonging have enabled us to achieve results”

      Juventus CEO Giuseppe Marotta this morning conducted an extensive interview with Radio Anch'io Sport, in which he touched on a variety of subjects concerning the present and future of the club.

      Here is a round-up of his thoughts:

      Strong work ethic

      “Behind these results is a work ethic that sees us attend to every minute detail. There’s Conte’s ability to combine his football expertise with management of the group, enabling him to motivate his team for every game. There’s also a strong club organisation that works in the background: Juventus is great due to its history and the family’s sense of belonging.

      “Andrea Agnelli possesses a vast footballing culture, he experienced the dressing room atmosphere as a child and has known how to construct a model which allows the manager and team to work in the best possible conditions.”

      Financial fair play

      “Football needs to be a sustainable activity, in which you need to look at limiting the losses. Financial fair play must serve as a warning for certain managements who have outgoings that are significantly different to their incomings, and in which rich owners embark on mad spending sprees that are a world away from common sense and limits set by the rules.”

      Paul Pogba

      “In the club’s past, Juventus has often been the “buyer” and rarely the “seller”. We want to consolidate our group whilst respecting the rigid parameters. Pogba is an important player and we don’t want to sell him. In fact, in this recent period we’ve politely “closed the door” to those who have come calling.”

      Claudio Marchisio

      “Claudio’s been wearing this shirt since the age of eight, he loves Juventus and the club is in his blood. Because of this he’s perfectly aware that a team like Juve isn’t made up of 11 starters, but by a wider squad. Players can go through different moments, in which they are used more or less. Marchisio is a serious professional and I believe that the hug at the end of the game in Cagliari between him and Conte is indicative of his composure.”

      Andrea Pirlo

      “He’s defined Juventus as his natural habitat. He’s spoken to Andrea Agnelli and I’ve done so with his representatives. We’ll more than likely reach a positive solution in February.”

      Antonio Conte

      “Since arriving at Juventus Conte has won two Scudetto titles, as many Italian Super Cups, reached the Champions League quarter-finals and created a great team. He’s one of the best coaches in the world and, as much as the Italian game has its current limitations, I would like to remind people that we are Juventus: a club with a rich trophy cabinet, which is regaining credibility on an international scale and wants to keep growing and enjoy further success.

      “Doing so, along with economic power, requires technical competence and Conte and his team, from this point of view, have shown themselves to be up to the level of their opponents. I therefore hope that our manager can enjoy a situation such as those experienced by Ferguson and Wenger.” 

      Serie A

      “There’s a gulf between the top and the bottom. Not just in terms of points, but also as far as the level of quality is concerned. From a technical point of view our championship has become poorer, but the teams at the top can compete with Europe’s best.”

      Making history

      “Winning the third consecutive Scudetto would be a historic achievement. The club, team and manager hold this target dear and the conditions to reach it are in place. Now we’re at the second half of the season and just as we’ve done well to quickly make up ground on Roma, the opposite could also happen to us.

      “In addition the Giallorossi can plan for their fixtures, whilst us and Napoli also have the Europe League to think about, a competition which involves tiring away trips and specific training sessions. This is illustrated by the fact that we’ll play in Trabzon on Thursday 27 February, return on Friday and then face Milan on Sunday. We also have various players involved in international fixtures. Last year the lads were away on duty for almost 200 days: a fact that shows just how well you need to do to manage the psycho-physical aspects.”

      The future

      “We need to look ahead and not settle for the present results. Doing so requires planning, strategy and monitoring the progress of youngsters. I’m lucky enough to work alongside Fabio Paratici, who co-ordinates a scouting team from which transfers such as that of Berardi came about. Joining him in Serie A are players like Immobile, Gabbiadini, Sorensen, Zaza and Marrone. If they’re not fully owned by us they are co-owned and many others are plying their trades around Europe or in Serie B.

      “They represent an important base from which to create a mix of youngsters and experienced players, providing the ideal blend for the construction of a team. As far as Berardi’s concerned, it would be a little hasty to say that he can form part of the squad for next season. He’s 19 years old and the Juventus shirt can be a burden even for the most talented players. We’ll assess the situation in the future, based on our needs and his development.”

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