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      Primavera to begin the season at home against Spezia

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      The official Primavera championship fixtures list reveals that the Bianconeri will begin their campaign at home against the Ligurian side on Saturday 24 August, with the derby to follow soon afterwards on the fourth matchday

      The Primavera will kick off for the first time in the 2013/14 campaign on Saturday 24 August at 3pm (CET) against Spezia at home on Vinovo’s Chisola pitch, the official fixtures list has confirmed.

      The week after their season debut in Group A, Andrea Zanchetta’s men will undergo one of the longest journeys they will have to complete all year when they make the trip to Cesena for their first away game.

      Following that, the Bianconeri will face a series of tricky encounters. Empoli at home, the derby with Torino away, Genoa at home and then Parma in Emilia: all will undoubtedly be tight affairs. The final game – the second Piedmont derby against Novara – will be very much anticipated.

      Here is the full list of the Primavera’s fixtures in the group stage:

      1st matchday: Juventus-Spezia
      2nd matchday: Cesena-Juventus
      3rd matchday: Juventus-Empoli
      4th matchday: Torino-Juventus
      5th matchday: Juventus-Genoa
      6th matchday: Parma-Juventus
      7th matchday: Juventus-Carpi
      8th matchday: Bologna-Juventus
      9th matchday: Sassuolo-Juventus
      10th matchday: Juventus-Modena
      11th matchday: Siena-Juventus
      12th matchday: Juventus-Sampdoria
      13th matchday: Novara-Juventus

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