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      Spaniards steal the show in Ale&Ricky

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      Real Madrid win the Ale&Ricky tournament in front of a full house after beating J-Stars 8-0 in the final, while Juventus triumph over Chisola to finish third

      Real Madrid have lifted the trophy in the seventh edition of the Ale&Ricky tournament after proving their quality in an 8-0 victory against amateur side J-Stars.

      The Juventus representatives in the competition, Claudio Gabetta’s Giovanissimi Nazionali, have also shown themselves to be talented young prospects by emerging from their last game with an unbeaten record.

      The Bianconeri secured third place via a penalty shoot out against Chisola after an entertaining 2-2 draw in normal time.

      The award for the best player of the tournament went to Real Madrid’s Nicu Craiu, while Filippo Dani of the Bianconeri was deemed best goalkeeper.

      Also awarded in the final ceremony, as per tradition, were prizes in recognition of the players who have been most outstanding in the Juventus Youth Sector over the past season.

      Pol Garcia Tena was the recipient for the Primavera, Luca Clemenza for the Allievi, Giuseppe Sapone for the Giovanissimi, Ken Moise Bioty for the Esordienti and Simone Vercellone for the Pulcini.

      Above and beyond the various winners is a tournament that continues to grow year on year. This time just like the others before it the Ale&Ricky has drawn big crowds with some great football played on the pitch, all the while remembering Alessio and Ricardo.

      And the most touching moment of the two days at Juventus Center came after today’s final, with players from all eight participating teams uniting in the centre of the field to hold up a giant image of the two players in whose honour the tournament was created.

      In fact, Real Madrid dedicated their victory to those two players, Alessio and Riccardo, when they placed their trophy at the base of the mosaic of the pair that stands at the entrance to the Youth Sector changing rooms.

      Here is a full round-up of the tournament:

      Saturday 31 August 2013

      9.00  Atletico Gabetto 1– 2 J-Stars
      10.00 Juventus 3–0 Tottenham
      11.00 Chisola 1-0 Castelfiorentino
      12.00 Torino 0-2 Real Madrid
      15.00 Atletico Gabetto 0-1 Chisola
      16.00 Juventus 0-0 Torino
      17.00 Castelfiorentino 0-1 J-Stars
      18.00 Tottenham 0-2 Real Madrid

      Sunday 1 September 2013

      9.00 Castelfiorentino 0-3 Atletico Gabetto
      10.00 Juventus 0-0 Real Madrid
      11.00 J-Stars 2-1 Chisola
      12.00 Tottenham 1-1 Torino

      Professional draw final table:
      Real Madrid 7, Juventus 5, Torino 2, Tottenham 1

      Amateur draw final table:
      J-Stars 9, Chisola 6, Atletico Gabetto 3, Castelfiorentino 0

      Third-place playoff – Juventus 4-2 pens (2-2) Chisola
      Final – Real Madrid 8-0 J-Stars

      Final standings:
      1st: Real Madrid
      2nd: J-Stars
      3rd: Juventus
      4th: Chisola
      5th Atletico Gabetto
      6th: Torino
      7th: Tottenham
      8th: Castelfiorentino

      “Alessio Ferramosca” Player of the Tournament Award: Nicu Craiu (Real Madrid)
      “Riccardo Neri” Goalkeeper of the Tournament Award: Filippo Dani (Juventus)


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