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      The Primavera’s Youth League adventure begins

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      Andrea Zanchetta names the 20 players travelling to Copenhagen for his side’s debut in the European competition

      Primavera boss Andrea Zanchetta has revealed the names of the 20 youngsters who will be making the trip to Copenhagen ahead of his side’s debut in the Youth League on Tuesday at 15.00 CET.

      The competition is an accompanying tournament to the Champions League exclusively for Under 19s, and since only footballers born after 1995 are eligible, Zanchetta has been forced to leave behind key members of the team Joel Untersee and Simone Emmanuello.

      The full squad list, with positions and shirt numbers, is as follows:

      2 Bertinetti (defender)*
      3 Marin (defender)
      4 Garcia Tena (defender)
      6 Sakor (midfielder)
      7 Tavanti (defender)*
      9 Marzouk (forward)
      10 Gerbaudo (midfielder)*
      11 Ceria (midfielder)*
      14 Cevallos (midfielder)
      15 Curti Nicolò (defender)
      17 Di Benedetto (forward)*
      19 Donis (forward)
      21 Mattiello (midfielder)*
      22 Audero (goalkeeper)*
      23 Varga (defender)
      24 Roussos (midfielder)
      26 Soumah (forward)
      27 Curti Alessandro (midfielder)*
      28 Barberis (forward)*
      30 Elezaj (goalkeeper)*

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