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      TV schedule for USA matches

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      All the channel details and timings for the Bianconeri’s three matches in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami

      The Jeep US Tour officially got underway early this morning when Juventus took off from Turin-Caselle airport.

      The Bianconeri will arrive in San Francisco in time for lunch (local time) and will take to the field straight afterwards in order to prepare as well as possible for their three encounters in the Guinness International Cup.

      Conte’s men’s first engagement will be on Wednesday 31 July at 8pm local time - 5am on Thursday 1 August (CET) - when they face Everton at the AT&T Stadium in San Francisco. The match will be broadcast live on Sky and pre-recorded on JTV at 11pm (CET).

      Juve’s second encounter will be on Saturday 3 August at 5pm local time - 2am (CET) - at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The Bianconeri will face one of either Real Madrid or the home side LA Galaxy, the other two teams in their group. The fixture will be broadcast live both on Mediaset channels and on JTV.

      A few days later the whole Juventus squad will head to the east coast for their final game. Whether their opponent will be Inter, Milan, Chelsea or Valencia will be decided in the knockout stages beforehand, as will the date of the match: either Tuesday 6 or Wednesday 7 August. It will be broadcasted by Sky unless Juve’s opponent turns out to be Milan, in which case it will be live on Mediaset.

      In the meantime, the television schedule details for the Villar Perosa match between the first team and the Primavera on Sunday 11 August have been confirmed. The match will be broadcast live on Sky, with kick off expected for 5pm, and pre-recorded on JTV.

      Below is a summary schedule:

      Juventus vs. Everton
      At&T Park, San Francisco
      31 July, 8pm local time, 5am (CET)
      Live on Sky, pre-recorded on JTV from 11pm the following day

      Juventus vs. Real Madrid/LA Galaxy
      Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles
      3 August, 5pm local time, 2pm (CET)
      Live on Mediaset and JTV

      Juventus vs. Inter/Chelsea/Valencia/Milan
      Sun Life Stadium, Miami 
      6 or 7 August, 6.30pm local time (12.30am CET) or 11pm (3am CET) 
      Live on Sky, pre-recorded on JTV from 11pm the following day. In the event that Milan is the opponent, live on Mediaset and JTV

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