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      Winning starts for Juve and Real Madrid in Ale&Ricky

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      Juventus and the Spanish giants both enjoy winning starts to the memorial tournament, overcoming Tottenham Hotspur and Torino respectively. Claudio Gabetta's side to contest the Turin inter-city derby this afternoon

      While Juventus and Real Madrid are preparing to battle it out in this season’s Champions League Group B, both clubs’ youth academy sides enjoyed winning starts to the Ale&Ricky memorial tournament, contested over the course of the weekend in Vinovo.

      The Bianconeri, represented by Claudio Gabetta’s Giovanissimi Nazionali, recorded a deserved 3-0 win over Tottenham, with goals from Gabriele Galtarossa and Vlad Galatanu putting the final outcome beyond doubt following Ndiaye Moussa’s first-half free-kick.

      Meanwhile, a goal in each half secured the Spanish giants a 2-0 triumph against Torino, who face Juventus at 16.00 CET in a highly-anticipated inter-city derby clash.

      On the other side of the draw, amateur sides J-Stars and Chisola both got off to positive starts against Atletico Gabetto and Castelfiorentino respectively.

      Here is a round-up of all this morning's results and remaining fixtures:

      Saturday 31 August 2013

      9.00  Atletico Gabetto 1– 2 J-Stars
      10.00 Juventus 3–0 Tottenham
      11.00 Chisola 1-0 Castelfiorentino
      12.00 Torino 0-2 Real Madrid
      15.00 Atletico Gabetto v Chisola
      16.00 Juventus v Torino
      17.00 Castelfiorentino v J-Stars
      18.00 Tottenham v Real Madrid

      Sunday 1 September 2013

      9.00 Castelfiorentino v Atletico Gabetto
      10.00 Juventus v Real Madrid
      11.00 J-Stars v Chisola
      12.00 Tottenham v Torino
      16.00 Third-place playoff
      17.00 Final

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