Supporter Card Terms & Conditions


      (fulfilments related to the Law Decree dated June 30th 2003, no. 196)

      The company responsible for handling personal data, Juventus F.C. S.p.A., with headquarters at C.so Galileo Ferraris 32, Turin, hereby certifies that the collection and handling of personal data is required in order to allow the applicant to enrol on the Supporter Card programme. 

      Data nature and purpose of its treatment:

      The personal data collected will be handled by Juventus with the following aims:

      1 contractual purposes: that is, to execute the contract and allow for the Supporter Card to be issued, as well as to facilitate the management of the services connected to the Supporter Card Programme and the participation of the applicant therein, in that the aforementioned constitute an integral part of the contractual obligations. Data will also be used to send correspondence (including electronic communications ) containing information pertaining to the contractual relationship and the benefits arising from it, or in order to fulfil specific requests;

      2 legal purposes: that is, to fulfil the obligations envisaged by the laws, regulations and Community rules in force (in particular, it is hereby specified that the function of the “Supporter Card” falls within the instrumental initiatives established to ensure the safety of football supporters - see Ministry of the Interior circular no. 555 dated 14/08/2009 and Italian Legislative Decree no. 8 dated 08/02/2007. For this purpose, personal data will be transferred to the competent police headquarters in the relevant region in order to verify the requirements described in the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 15/08/2009);

      In the cases outlined in points 1 and 2, the disclosure and provision of personal data is optional. However, refusal or failure to provide this will prevent the issue of the Supporter Card. In such an event, consent is not required.

      Personal data handling methods:

      Data handling is mainly carried out using IT tools in accordance with the minimum measures on data security and confidentiality.

      Data may also be communicated via a radiofrequency microchip, with encrypted transmission of the personal data contained in the card (specifically, the saved numerical codes stored therein), which can be read by specialised systems which are authenticated via specific credentials at a variable distance (always less than 10 cm). Systems without the specific credentials cannot detect/read the card and acquire this personal data. This technology is applied in electronic ticketing systems, when the Supporter Card is used as a digital media device onto which stadium admission tickets are loaded.

      Data Controller and Data Processor:

      The Data Controller is Juventus F.C. S.p.A. with registered office in C.so Galileo Ferraris 32 - Turin; the designated Data Processor is the pro tempore Manager of the Commercial Department appointed by the Holder on behalf of the interested party in the case of exercising the rights referred to in Article 7, which the interested party can consult by contacting the following address: Turin (Italy), Corso Galileo Ferraris 32.

      Data communication:

      For the performance of certain activities, the company Juventus F.C. S.p.A. will communicate the personal data of the person concerned to the companies whose activity is strictly connected to the issue of the Supporter Card, and who operate as nominated data controllers with the sole purpose or carrying out the related services.

      Data will also be communicated to the police headquarters in the region in question in order to check that the requirements stipulated in the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 15/08/2009 are met for the purposes of joining the Supporter Card Programme.

      The data collected may also be disclosed to selected trusted third parties whose activities are connected, instrumental or necessary to support those carried out by Juventus (e.g. to parties to whom Juventus may entrust the customer care activities; parties responsible for performing technical or organizational activities, such as press services, mailing and sorting of communications; consultants and so on). In such cases, these parties will be appointed as data controllers or processors. The full list of these parties is available upon request from the reference person in charge of data handling as appointed by the Company.

      Rights of the interested party:

      It should be noted that Article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 establishes that the interested party has a number of specific rights, among which is the right to obtain confirmation on the existence of his or her personal data (even where this has not yet been recorded), to receive clear communications on such data and its origin and on handling purposes and methods, as well as on the logic applied where data is processed with the support of electronic means. Furthermore, the interested party can obtain updates, amend the data, or, if necessary, integrate it with other data, as well as deleting it or rendering it anonymous, or blocking access to this data following legal violations. The interested party may also oppose, in full or in part and for legitimate reasons, the processing of his/her personal data even if pertinent to the purposes for which it was collected, i.e. for commercial communications, for the mailing of advertisement materials, or for direct sales activities.

       Terms and conditions on the use of the "Supporter Card"

      (last update – May 2016)

      1. General description of the card

      The Supporter Card:

      (i) belongs to the “Supporter Card” Programme and is subject to the provisions set out in Article 8 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 8 dated 8 February 2007, passed by law no. 41 of 4 April 2007. It is issued in compliance with the procedures of the Italian Ministerial Decree of 15 August 2009;

      (ii) is an electronic document suitable for use in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, with the Terms and Conditions of use of Season Passes and/or Conditions of Sale of admission tickets for individual matches, and with the Stadium Use Regulations and other applicable regulations, such as those pertaining to access sporting events organized by Juventus FC S.p.A. at the Juventus Stadium;

      (iii) can be combined and can also be used as a "shopping card" for purchasing drinks at the bars and on-site dining areas at the Juventus Stadium (or other points specified by Juventus), upon activation and top-up of this card with cash, to be carried out at the shopping card automatic distribution points located inside the Juventus Stadium. The rules that regulate the activation, use, and the costs pertaining to the use of the Supporter Card as shopping card will be communicated by Juventus in accordance with the agreements drawn up between the club and the service provider. The above-mentioned regulations will be available to users at the automatic distribution points located inside the Juventus Stadium.

      2. Functions of the Supporter Card

      The Supporter Card, which is the only document which attests to the right to participate in the “Supporter Card” Programme, is valid in all stadiums and provides the supporter with the following advantages:

      • it can be used to purchase admission tickets to matches: the card is compatible with a number of ticket sales systems that are widely recognised by ticket issuers, and allows the holder to take advantage of quicker, more efficient sales procedures, by transferring saved personal data directly to the issuing/release/payment systems (although Supporter Card holders must also carry with them and show a valid ID document on request of the ticket vendor). However, the card does not automatically give holders the right to buy admission tickets requested from time to time. This depends on the actual availability of the aforementioned tickets;
      • it exempts the holder from various specific restrictions which may be imposed for public order reasons for matches played in Italy, both at home and away, allowing the holder to proceed more quickly to purchasing "Guest" sector tickets for national and/or high-risk matches. These enhanced rights of access may only be granted by the bodies and authorities in charge of public order and safety;
      • it facilitates access to the stadium as it can be used to cross-check the name on the ticket with the identity of the card holder (Supporter Card holders must nonetheless carry with them and show a valid ID document when asked to do so by match stewards or the police);
      • it is an electronic document suitable for use as a digital media device, which can be used to store passes and tickets for sporting facilities, allowing the holder to access these facilities through automated gates, where present. However, this does not exclude the possibility of being subjected to security checks or being asked to present a valid identity document (this is mandatory). The card itself is not proof of ticket purchase, even if it was activated for this purpose, unless a card reader (or in the absence of technological devices, relevant paper documentation) can be used to confirm this;
      • all access passes and tickets can be loaded onto the Supporter Card (season passes and/or coupons for individual matches) provided that they are issued in connection with matches organized by Juventus F.C. S.p.A. It is not possible to load more than one ticket for each individual match onto the card. Uploading of access tickets onto the card entails the following:

      (i)            the payment of the purchase price of the access ticket requested by the card holder;

      (ii)            the acceptance by the holder of the Terms and Conditions of use for Season Tickets and/or of the Conditions of Sale regarding access tickets for individual matches;

      (iii)           the acceptance by the holder of the Stadium Use Regulations.

      The Supporter Card, with the valid entrance ticket for Juventus F.C. S.p.A. matches loaded onto it is required in order to access the stadium. Any other printed documentation accompanying this or delivered to the card holder (by post or by email) when loading of the valid entrance ticket onto the Supporter Card serves an auxiliary function only, providing an addition copy on paper of information (such as: sector, row and seat number) that is already stored electronically. As such, this printed documentation cannot be used to access the stadium/match at any time.

      3. General rules for use of the Supporter Card. Suspension of the Supporter Card

      The holder of the card ("Holder") is the individual in whose name the Supporter Card is issued, following verification of the latter's identity and his/her signature of the relevant contract.

      It is not possible to own more than one Supporter Card. The Supporter Card is strictly personal and cannot be transferred. However, the access tickets loaded onto the card may be transferred to other individuals, provided that these persons are also in possession of a Supporter Card, in accordance with the appropriate procedures laid down by Juventus F.C. S.p.A., and dependent on the limitations that may be imposed by the latter and by the competent authorities (including those imposed at individual matches).

      The card owner must keep the Supporter Card safe and take all necessary precautions to prevent the document from being used by other people in order to access the stadium. In case of theft or loss of the Supporter Card, the Holder must immediately notify Juventus F.C. S.p.A.. Any Supporter Card that has been lost or stolen can be replaced upon presentation to Juventus F.C. S.p.A. of the statement attesting this and upon payment of € 15.00 to cover the costs of issuing the replacement card. Where the card holder has used the Supporter Card inappropriately (e.g. negligent use or delayed communication to Juventus) or has voluntarily permitted another person to make use (or attempt to make use) of the card in order to access the stadium, the Supporter Card may be suspended for one or more official matches and thus become unusable as a method for accessing the stadium for that period, without obligation to pay any reimbursement (including pro-rata reimbursement, refunds of the amount paid or compensation).

      4. Characteristics of the chip used and methods of use

      The chip fitted on the Card is a radio frequency microchip, with the ability to transmit encoded ID data. This occurs exclusively through readers which are authenticated via specific credentials. The Card is read when placed in close proximity with the reader (at less than 10 cm). Systems without the specific credentials cannot detect/read the card and acquire ID data.

      5. Issuing procedure and grounds for exclusion from the Programme, and revocation or suspension of the Supporter Card

      5.1 At the time of submission of the Registration Form by the individual in question, the latter must:

      • complete and sign the form addressed to Juventus F.C. S.p.A., accompanied by a passport-sized photo, and send it to Juventus via one of the specified methods;


      • self-certifies that he/she is not subject to any of the measures set out in Article 6 of law no. 401 of December 13th 1989 (prohibiting access to sites at which sporting events are taking place) and law no. 1423 of December 27th 1956 (prevention measures for persons considered to be a danger to safety or to public morality), and confirms that he/she has not been convicted (even by non-final ruling) of crimes committed at or during sporting events;
        • provide a copy of a valid ID document (Passport or National Identity card or, exclusively for guests under 14 years, Health Card);
        • undertake to respect the Code of Ethics attached to the form.

      5.2           The Supporter Card cannot be temporarily issued in the following cases:

      • on failure to submit or incorrect submission of the registration request and of the documents listed in Article 5.1;
      • where the IT system encounters “impedimental reasons”, pursuant to the Italian Decree of the Ministry of the Interior dated August 15th 2009, i.e.:
      • individuals who are subject to a DASPO ban (Divieto di Accedere alle manifestazioni SPOrtive, a measure preventing access to sporting events), or one of the measures envisaged by the Italian law no.1423 of 27/12/56 (so-called "prevention measures"), or
      • individuals who have already been convicted (including first degree convictions) of crimes relating to sporting events in stadiums (the stadium ban lasts 5 years). In such cases, if the DASPO has already been imposed for the same event, once the period of 5 years of exclusion comes to an end, the period already passed under the DASPO ban is deducted.

      In case of acquittal or revision of a DASPO ban, the impedimental reasons will be withdrawn, unless other preventive measure still exist.

      Verification of impedimental reasons occurs by sending applicant personal data to the police central offices, according to the modalities envisaged by the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of August 15th 2009, including the safety measure to protect personal data.

      Where impedimental reasons emerge after the Supporter Card has been issued, the card will be revoked and will be unusable.

      5.3           The Customer accepts the unquestionable right of Juventus F.C. S.p.A. to exclude or suspend from the Programme (resulting in invalidation of the functionality of the "Supporter Card" and any privileges associated with it) at any time, without any pro-rata reimbursement, refunds of the amount paid or compensation, those individuals who:

      • according to the judgement of Juventus F.C. S.p.A. or on the advice of the police or other Partner companies, have demonstrated behaviour which does not comply with the rules established by the “Code of Ethics for Supporter Card holders”, adopted in compliance with the directives of the National Observatory on Sporting Events, including any behaviours displayed during travel to or from an event venue;
      • are responsible for violations of the regulations for use of the sports venues in question;
      • have used or attempted to use the Supporter Card in an unauthorised manner in order to fraudulently gain access to the stadium;
      • are subject to the provisions of Article 6 of law no. 401 dated 13 December 1989 or law no. 1423 dated 27 December 1956, or who have been reported or convicted (even pending ruling) for crimes committed at or connected to sporting events;
      • who have used the Supporter Card as part of ticket touting activities;
      • who have culpably (e.g. negligent custody or delayed communication to Juventus) or voluntarily permitted another person to make use (or attempt to make use) of the Supporter Card in order to access the stadium (see Article 3);
      • who, as a result of checks and inspections (even those subject to the issue of the Supporter Card), are found to have provided false information (such as a date of birth which differs slightly from their actual birth date) in order to evade the checks carried out by the verification system to ensure the absence of impediments, and/or persons who have made false statements regarding the lack of criminal convictions and/or impediments to the issue of the Supporter Card.

      5.4           If the Card is not issued because one of the above requirements is not met, or if it is subsequently suspended or revoked for the above-mentioned reasons, the Company will only be obliged to inform the applicant/card holder of the non-issue, suspension or cancellation of the Card, without providing any additional or more specific explanation and without giving the holder the right to claim any form of reimbursement or compensation. In case of revocation and/or cancellation of the administrative or judicial order which determined the termination of the contract, the person concerned may request a new Supporter Card, by entering into a new contract. In such cases, the issue of the Supporter Card is subject to the authorization of the relevant police headquarters.


      6. Information necessary for conclusion of the contract.

      Individuals can register for the Supporter Card Program by completing and signing the Registration Form on the website www.juventus.com ("Website"), subject to registration and completion of the relevant information online on the Website and payment of the registration fee using a credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

      With reference to the various technical steps to be completed in order to conclude the Contract, the Website enables users to follow a guided procedure that allows them to check and validate any data entered and to correct mistakes before the submission of their request in order to conclude the contract. The various technical stages for order submission are summarized below:

      1. Registration to be carried out using the individual's own authentication credentials (username/password), where available, through the social media account of the aforementioned, or through the creation of a new account

      2. Data entry and confirmation

      3. Entry of credit card details (or other accepted payment details) required for the transaction

      4. Payment confirmation (by the interbank circuit)

      5. Confirmation of completion of the purchase procedure

      6. Issue of email acknowledging receipt of request.

      The contract shall be deemed concluded and binding for the Parties upon receipt by Juventus of the purchase order as carried out by the user. Juventus shall acknowledge receipt of the order by sending the relevant order confirmation to the email address provided by the user during the Website registration procedure. The order and the receipt are considered as received when the Parties to which they are addressed have the possibility of accessing them. Pursuant to Article 49, paragraph 1g) of the Italian Consumer Code, payment of the amounts due for the purchase of the Supporter Card on the Website must be made by the user via credit card or other accepted payment method, in accordance with the payment options clearly stated on the Website, on the pages referring to payment methods.

      The user acknowledges that the purchase order constitutes an obligation to pay, and that in submitting the aforementioned, therefore, he or she provides authorization for the amounts specified in the Contract to be charged to the chosen payment method.


      7. Execution of the contract

      In order to issue the Supporter Card purchased through the Website, the Holder must (i) download, print and sign the previously-completed Registration Form, received together with the order confirmation at the email address provided during the Website registration process; (ii) access the "My Profile" area of the Website using his/her credentials (username/password) and upload the following in digital format:

      a. the Registration Form, completed with the applicant's personal information, including the self-certification statement pertaining to the absence of criminal convictions or other impediments preventing the issue of the Supporter Card, which must be duly signed (.pdf format)

      b. the passport photo (.jpg or .png)

      c. a copy of the identity document (.pdf or .jpg or .png)

      In order to guarantee the correct delivery of services, personal information must be correct and truthful. The Supporter Card will be sent within 25 days from receipt of payment and of the forms necessary to issue the aforementioned, subject to checking via the computer system referred to in the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of 15 August 2009 that no "impediments" exist. Where the individual in question fails to upload the above mentioned forms (in points a, b and c), or does not fulfil the requirements stipulated in Article 5.2, the Supporter Card will not be issued through the exclusive fault of the above. This does not entitle the aforementioned individual to the right to receive any reimbursement, refund or compensation.

      8. Validity of the card

      The Support Card is valid until the expiration date printed on the card itself. The Card will be immediately active and operational from the moment is issued/delivered, until the expiration date printed on its front, unless it is cancelled or invalidated (revoked or suspended) for the reasons specified in Articles 3 and 5.

      9. Changes

      Juventus reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the Supporter Card. However, these changes will only take effect (unless they are imposed by mandatory provisions of law) from the start of the season following that in which the changes have been made public in the manner provided for below.

      Communications concerning changes will be published on the website www.juventus.com and through communication via email or SMS inviting holders to take note of the changes on the website, or otherwise in writing.

      10. Withdrawal

      Since the cost of the contract is less than EUR 50, the right of withdrawal as set out in Articles. 52 et seq of the Italian Consumer Code (as amended by Italian Legislative Decree no.. 21 of 21/02/2014) shall not apply.

      The Holder may however withdraw from the contract and ask to be removed from the Programme at any time by providing written notice of 15 days to the Juventus Football Club S.p.A., without prejudice to the payment of the contract costs already made. The agreement ends on the date of expiry of the notice, unless the Supporter Card is not loaded with a season ticket with expiry dates beyond the aforementioned date of expiry. In such cases, and without prejudice to the 15 days' notice, the contract will be terminated the day after the last match covered by the season ticket.

      11. Communications

      All general communications addressed to Holders of the Supporter Card are deemed to have been read and acknowledged by all addressees once the period of 15 days of continuous publication of such information on the www.juventus.com website is complete. Communications addressed directly to individual holders are considered to have been received on sending an email to the address provided on the registration form, or to a different address communicated in writing by the Card Holder.

      12. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

      The terms and conditions of use of the Supporter’s Card are regulated by Italian law. Any dispute concerning the validity, application, interpretation, execution and termination of these conditions of use and of the contract stipulated between the Customer and Juventus will be deferred to the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and resolved according to the Conciliation Rules adopted by the Chamber itself. If the Parties wish to have recourse to the ordinary Judicial Authority, the competent Court will be that of Turin, or that of the place of residence or chosen domicile of the Customer, if he/she is qualified as a “consumer” under Legislative Decree 206/2005.

      13. Personal Data Information Clause

      As the body responsible for handling personal data, Juventus F.C. S.p.A. hereby informs customers that the collection and handling of the data of the persons concerned is necessary in order to manage the membership of the aforementioned persons in the “Supporter Card Programme”. The personal data submitted will be handled by Juventus F.C. S.p.A. for the purposes of and according to the methods described in the attached information document. Handling of personal data for the purposes of managing the “Supporter Card” Programme does not require consent, as this is required in order to manage the relationship or to carry out operations. On this matter, customers are hereby informed that the data submitted may also be handled by other sport-related companies through whom requests to purchase tickets may be made. Always with these purposes in mind, data could be sent to public safety authorities, and/or to third companies in charge of ticketing services via IT systems. Personal data will be kept, for the time established by law, by sport-related companies and handled only for the purposes envisaged by the Programme.

      Code of Ethics for Supporter Card holders

      Juventus Football Club has adopted a code of ethics which it shares with all members of the Supporter Card programme.


      Juventus is a professional football club that has made a name for itself as a leading national and international football team.

      The main, fundamental mission of the Club is to deliver the greatest satisfaction possible to its supporters in terms of sporting success.

      This mission is to be pursued in a fair and sportsmanlike manner, uniting the professional and business-related aspects of football with the ethical and social value of the sport, promoting conduct which is in keeping with club's tradition and worthy of the club's supporters and, more generally, of all sportspeople.

      This Code of Ethics outlines the Company's expectations with regard to the members of the Supporter Card programme, highlighting the role these individuals play as unofficial representatives of Juventus' new values.

      Persons to whom the Code of Ethics applies

      The Code applies to all the supporters participating in the Supporter Card programme.

      All members of the Supporter Card programme are expected to contribute to promoting the Code of Ethics as a reference standard for all football supporters.

      General Principles

      Juventus and its Supporter Card members condemn all forms of social discrimination, racism, xenophobia and violence.

      Through its supporters, Juventus promotes fair play and responsible behaviour both on and off the pitch.

      Members of the Supporter Card programme, as Juventus supporters, are required to fully accept and adopt this Code of Ethics, acting in accordance with the principles expressed herein at all times.

      Social Commitment

      Juventus is fully aware of the social importance of sport, and of football in particular.

      Juventus has embraced the values that sport represents – equal opportunity, fair play, congregation and socialisation – and promotes these values, supporting and fostering charity, training and integration initiatives that build on the educational role that sport can play.

      In consideration of these values and, in particular, of the role that sport can play in promoting social integration, Juventus encourages all its fans to support initiatives aimed at bringing both young and old alike closer to the world of sport, with a view to involving them in a world of play and entertainment.

      Last update: September, 2 2016

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