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    J1897 and Black&White Membership

    I already have a Supporter Card. Can I continue using it even if I decide to upgrade my membership category?

    Yes, your Supporter Card will continue to be valid until the original expiry date. It will automatically be upgraded to reflect your new membership status. You will also be sent a Welcome Pack, which includes your Membership Card – you can use this to access the various benefits linked to your chosen membership.


    How do I upgrade my membership?

    To upgrade your membership, simply log into Juventus.com, head to My Profile and click on Renew/Upgrade in the Membership Details section.

    I activated the automatic renewal function when I upgraded my membership. How do I deactivate this?

    To deactivate the automatic renewal function, you must log into Juventus.com, head to My Profile and uncheck “Automatic Renewal” in the Membership Details section. Please be reminded that this must be done at least 15 days before your membership is due to expire.

    Is It possible to give a Supporter Card away?

    The Supporter Card is a personal document and you cannot give it away.

    However you can give a voucher for Membership value clicking here.

    How can I give away a Membership?

    Every user can give away a Membership inside “My Profile” section or clicking here.

    You have to choose the Membership type, fill out the required fields with the receiver data and complete the process with payment.

    The receiver has to redeem the gift clicking the link received by email and complete the payment process putting in the discount code.

    I’m a member but I don’t live in Italy. How do I access the early-bird ticketing period?

    You can access the early-bird ticketing period by inserting your Membership Number when making a purchase on listicket.com. You can find your Membership Number on your Membership Card, or by logging into Juventus.com and heading to your personal profile.

    Important: when purchasing tickets, you must select the Home Ticketing option and print your ticket before arriving at Allianz Stadium.

    How many tickets can I buy using the membership early-bird ticketing period?

    Generally speaking, you can buy up to four tickets provided that all ticket holders are members. Any exceptions or changes to this for specific games will be made public via a ticketing statement and added to the Tickets area of the website.

    Can I buy tickets using the early-bird period if I don’t yet have a Supporter Card?

    No. You must be in possession of a Supporter Card before you can access the early-bird ticketing period. Any exceptions or changes to this will be made public on Juventus.com.

    I’m a member and I would like to buy a ticket during the early-bird period. Can I simply enter my Membership Number or do I need to be physically in possession of a Supporters’ Card?

    In order to buy a ticket in the early-bird period, you must be physically in possession of a Supporter Card.

    As a member, if I buy a ticket during the early-bird period am I able to change the name on the ticket?

    No, you cannot change the name on any ticket bought during the early-bird period. Any exceptions to this will be made public on Juventus.com.

    How do I find out the number of my Supporter Card?

    In order to find out the number of your Supporter Card, you must log into your personal profile. Please be reminded that to make use of the full ticketing benefits linked to the Supporters’ Card, you must by physically in possession of one.

    Important: If you can’t see your Supporter Card number, do not worry. This simply means that your Supporters’ Card number hasn’t been issued yet.

    How can I buy early-bird tickets?

    To buy tickets using the early-bird ticketing period, you must be a J1897 or Black & White Member. If you are a resident of Italy, you must also be in possession of a Supporters’ Card. Tickets can be purchased through Listicket (Listicket.it website, participating branches, call centre on 892 982 from Italy or +39 02 600 60 900 from abroad). For more information, please consult the Tickets area of the website in the weeks leading up to the match in question.

    How do I change the email address associated with my profile?

    Give us a call on (+39) 899 999 897 or log in and write to us here.

    Where can I find information on the status of my membership?

    You can find this type of information on your profile. Log in by clicking on the icon in the top right of the screen.

    I’ve bought a Membership for myself or as a gift but I’ve changed my mind. How can I cancel it?

    If you change your mind, you can cancel free of charge within 14 days – from when you sign up for your Membership – with no explanation necessary.

    You can notify us of your decision by:

    - filling up the online form in MY PROFILE section

    - sending us a declaration which must include the order number the cancellation refers to and the purchaser’s personal details (full name and email address). For example, you can send us a fax to the following address:

    Juventus Football Club S.p.A.,
    Via Druento 175,
    10151 Turin

    or send a fax to +39 011-5119212.

    Here is an example of a cancellation form that you can use.

    If you adhere to the conditions listed above, we will refund the fee paid using the same payment method you chose at the time of purchase within 14 days.

    Junior Membership

    Who can have a Junior Membership?

    All fans aged 0-11 can join the Junior Membership program.

    How much does a Junior Membership cost?

    €35 if you are resident in Italy, €50 if resident abroad.

    Who can buy a Junior Membership?

    Anyone can buy a Junior Membership (parents/relatives/friends/acquaintances) at any time.

    Do you have to apply for a Supporter Card at the same time as joining the Junior Membership program?

    No. Fans aged 6 and above can apply for a supporters' card, but they can join the Junior Membership program without one.

    Do children need a Supporter Card to enter the stadium?

    Entrance is free up for children up to the age of 5. A form of id for the child and the accompanying adult is all that is needed. Children under 6 entering free are not assigned a seat.

    A Supporter Card is necessary for the following reasons:

    • To buy a season ticket;
    • To transfer a ticket to a child;
    • To buy a ticket for home matches when the national observatory for sports events determines that Supporter Cards are required.

    Supporter Card is not required for children up to the age of 13 if they reside in the same region as the away team.

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