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    “UNDICI”: A new Juventus-branded experience format is unveiled in Milan

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    The space, set up during Milan Design Week 2018 in collaboration with Segafredo, will be open from 17 to 22 April

    An immersive space. A place that wants to create a community welcoming fans of Juventus, football, food and Italian culture from all over the world. 

    A unique experience providing a new way of connecting with the Bianconeri style.

    Welcome to "UNDICI" the Juventus branded experience format that will be displayed for the first time from 17 to 22 April at Via Archimede 26 in Milan!

    The preview of "UNDICI" is part of the U-JOINTS exhibition that brings together design and sport at Milan Design Week 2018! Around a large circular bench, commissioned ad-hoc by American designer Jonathan Nesci, it is a space offering the whole Bianconeri experience around five key words.

    SHARE: An iconic, rectangular shape like the playground provides a large table where you can sit, read books and magazines made available to the public, work and socialize. To share. 

    EAT: Italian excellence from the Segafredo Zanetti-designed coffee break to an aperitivo to lunch to dinner. It's a plan that is the same from the north to the south of Italy and "UNDICI" brings a space of great gastronomic excellence. 

    SHOP&PLAY: "UNDICI" is something that goes beyond football and the pitch. It's a place where you can appreciate the wide range of club merchandise which certainly includes everything you'd see from a football team but also exciting categories of Juventus culture and style. 

    LEARN: A space where you can learn and love the history of Juventus. Through memorabilia, posters, pictures and much more, the Juventus legend is something that is in every inch of "UNDICI" making it a place...uniquely Juventus! 

    As mentioned, however, what will be seen in Milan next week is simply a preview. Thanks to the collaboration with Segafredo Zanetti (who will be leading the international development of this initiative), "UNDICI" will truly be a traveling space allowing, on one side, the multitudes of Juventus fans around the world to feel right at home even if they're thousands of miles from the Allianz Stadium, and on the other side, an ever-expanding audience the chance, through a unique experience, to see, touch and taste the quality of Made in Italy (and Made in Juve) which is the truly distinctive value. 

    "UNDICI". The place to be.

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