Un Calcio Al Razzismo

The project that promotes respect, inclusion and equality

Juventus is against any form of social and territorial discrimination, racism, xenophobia and violence, as reported in its Code of Ethics. Racism and discrimination, in all its forms, represent a serious and still unresolved cultural plague. For this reason, Juventus, aware of its role as a football company, confirms its commitment to the theme by promoting a culture oriented respect towards inclusion and equality.

The schedule

Juventus believes in the importance of this commitment. For this reason, within Juventus Goals there is a program with its own dedicated planning to propose actions and activities aimed at promoting integration, to support education in respect in all areas and to reflect concretely on all the aspects that racism and discrimination can take. In recent years, the activities proposed within the educational program dedicated to racism has revealed the need to make the younger generations more aware and responsible for the language adopted and the consequences of discriminatory and negative attitudes.


In the school

On the occasion of its tenth edition starting from the 19/20 season "A Kick to Racism" is proposed as a free, modular and interactive educational path, for first grade secondary schools, consisting of three self-contained lessons:

  • Which Breed? To unhinge and overcome the concept of race
  • The same and different. To reflect on how prejudices and stereotypes are born
  • I speak ... and I don't discriminate. To understand the value of words and how they can become a negative tool to discriminate