Who is the slo?

The Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) has the task of maintaining adequate relations with the public; the purpose of its function is to build, preserve, consolidate and develop the "unique bond" of the company with its fans. This role, which can be entrusted to a person or group of people organised in an office, was introduced by UEFA to commit clubs to improve the relationship with their supporters and to better organise their participation in events and initiatives. The main objective is to make a channel of direct and bidirectional dialogue with the Club available to fans and fans.

The mission

The SLO acts as a reference point for the public on various fronts: to provide information in general, to welcome requests from fan groups, to propose initiatives and, more generally, to be available to encourage the positive participation of supporters in the Club's activity. It is important to underline, also on the basis of the latest provisions of the Italian Football Federation (see the official press release n.326 / A and the reference to Art. 12 of the sports justice code - sub 9), that the SLO represents the only function in the Club to which knowledge of the fans and "two-way" communications with them is entrusted.



Through the SLO the relationships of the Club with the supporters and / or groups of supporters are defined; these relationships can become part of the "life" of the Club thanks to the commitment of the SLO which, in turn, relates internally to all areas of activity. The definition of the SLO function is by the management of each Club based on the peculiarities of its organisation.


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