A daily challenge

Ten years ago Juventus established itself among the first football clubs to take up the challenge of sustainability and to talk about sustainability. In these six years our approach has changed, speaking no longer as a football club, but as a company capable of having an impact beyond the field, that is, in those contexts on which we confront each other daily and in which we can contribute concretely and positively though the values of Sport.

General view dell'Allianz Stadium

Differences Make the Difference

Respect, diversity and inclusion. Differences Make the Differece represents a new path as commitment undertaken in person by the Club to reaffirm the desire to continue in a long-term project based on concrete actions the fight against all forms of prejudice and discrimination for a real understanding and inclusion of diversity.


Our reports

In the 2013/2014 season, Juventus, one of the first football clubs in Italy, presented its first Sustainability Report reported according to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative as a formal commitment to establish, maintain and develop a dialogue with its main interlocutors. Since then, the Company has maintained and evolved its commitment by publishing the reporting document annually, which from the 2021/2022 season has been changed by the Non-Financial Statement.



Juventus is aware of its role both in the world of football, as a club, and of the responsibilities and influence of its actions on the environment, as a company. Conscious of this correlation between corporate and territorial aspects, Juventus is responsible for reducing its impact as much as possible.

Impatto ambientale


Every goal scored by Juventus will represent 100 new trees planted by the Club, generating a positive impact for our planet.

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