Juventus Forward


Juventus Forward is the Club’s latest innovation programme. It is a co-creation space that encourages internal collaboration and integration with the external innovation ecosystem (Institutions, Start-ups, Accelerators). Forward, a fusion of a corporate and a sporting soul, has the role of facilitator, with the aim of fostering the conditions necessary to generate innovation.

As the first Sport Partner of an accelerator in SportTech, winner of the 2023 Innovation of the Year prize awarded by the Social Football Summit, organiser of ‘Calls for Ideas’ aimed at students, active in Venture Clienting and an increasingly active participant in the innovation network, the project consists of three objectives: translating ideas into value (revenue and performance), brand positioning and the introduction of a culture of innovation, because innovation is not only represented by technological solutions, ideas or methods, but also by the process of discovering new ways of doing things. Play the Forward Game!


Innovation is the thread running through the Juventus’ history. From day one, the Club has demonstrated a desire to continually stretch the limits, constantly redefining the way it relates to the outside world through new forms and technologies. “Innovation” is therefore not just a word, but a mindset: an approach aimed at finding optimal solutions, evolving processes, as well as organisational and business models. In this context, Forward, in its corporate soul, gathers internal needs and scouts for suitable solutions offered by the external innovation ecosystem. Corporate innovation helps achieve goals such as efficiency and the creation of new and increased value. It creates a framework for innovation to grow and hubs to connect internal and external stakeholders to the club's strategic challenges, practices open innovation through venture clienting, and participates in major industry events to scout for innovative ideas and opportunities.



Guided by a forward-thinking and excellence-oriented approach, the Sport Science and R&D department (the sporting soul of the Forward programme) explores new horizons to concretely support and optimise athletes' performance. The constant quest for improvement drives the development of strategies, tools and technologies to optimise processes and performance both on and off the field. Thanks to this attitude and constant applied scientific research, this department is a leader in supporting the development of players' full potential.


Juventus Forward Partner

HUWARE FOR JUVENTUS FORWARD. AI Innovation at the Service of Football

Juventus and Huware have launched the very first partnership in the field of Innovation in Italy’s top football league, with the objective of promoting the co-creation and development of new technological solutions to accelerate digital innovation in sport, revealing this exciting partnership at the Google Cloud Summit in Milan.

As a result of this agreement, Juventus Forward – the Club’s innovation lab – will collaborate with Huware, a cloud consulting company, to digitally innovate and exploit the potential of Artificial Intelligence in different areas, from performance to fanfare. Huware and Juventus will together aim to accelerate change by adopting a concrete approach, grounding use cases to test new solutions and broaden the boundaries of using specific Artificial Intelligence technologies in sport, from performance to business.