When and how can I buy tickets for a single match?

Tickets for each match are available exclusively on the Official Ticket Shop Juventus.

For all the details and stages of sale visit the Tickets section.

I purchased the ticket in one of the Membership private sale phases but I cannot attend the match: can i switch names?

For tickets purchased in reserved sale it is not possible to switch names.

I bought a ticket but I cannot attend the match. Can I switch name?

No, it is not possible to switch name on tickets purchased from the Official Ticket Shop.

I am a J1897 or a Black&White Member: what should I do to buy a ticket in the private sale?

In order to enjoy the private sale, the first time you access the Official Ticket Shop Juventus you will have to register with your Membership.

Once the private sale phase started, you must enter your Membership code, your date of birth and the password of your My Ticket Shop profile to access the sales phase dedicated to you.

I am a season ticket holder to the 2019.20 season: when I can use the voucher COVID I received?

When available, you will be able to access a private sale phase for 2019.20 season ticket holders and purchase the ticket for you and/or other season ticket holders of the same season and use the voucher credit of your profile. The system will use the buyer’s credit on the total of the order. The voucher is not used to pay the service fees applied by the holder of the sales system for the intermediary services in the purchase of tickets and delivery of tickets.

Credit will also be used automatically during general sale.

I am a J1897 or a Black & White Member, how many tickets can I buy in the private sale phase?

J1897 members have the possibility to buy the ticket also for a maximum of 3 J1897 and/or Junior Member and/or Young Member.

B&W members have the possibility to buy the ticket also for a maximum of 3 J1897 and/or Junior Member and/or Young Member too.

I need assistance on the Official Ticket Shop Juventus: who can I contact?

You can contact the Help Desk of the Official Ticket Shop at support.ticketshopjuventus@pg-mc.com or at (+39) 0230458026

Do children under 6 years have to pay for a ticket?

Access is allowed without ticket to children that the day of the event will be Under 6. This condition may vary in case of regulations on the capacity of the stadiums.

Where can I find the terms of sale of the single tickets?

The sale conditions of the single tickets are available on the page Terms and Conditions.

Do you have any problems buying in the away sector?

Check the ticket holder details. If the data is correct, check that you have entered the right away team fidelity card number. If these attempts have not been successful contact the visiting team.

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