Training Experience

The program

Ready to begin your own Juventus Training Experience? The program of each Training Experience is discussed and personalized with a Juventus Academy team to fulfill the needs of each group taking part. Different packages can be designed for different playing abilities of the groups who want to get up closer to Juventus and familiarize with the teaching methods that only one of the greatest clubs in the world can provide.

About the project

The Juventus Training Experience allows the youngsters to be fully immersed in the Bianconeri world, from the training session methods to the club’s core values.


The proposal

The groups that take part in the Juventus Training Experience can enjoy a completely personalized activity: training sessions, friendly matches, Juventus Museum and Allianz Stadium Tour, a trip around Juventus city center and many more opportunities to enjoy a simply unforgettable experience!


The location

Thanks to its first-in-class facilities, its prime location surrounded by nature and the vicinity to Turin, Cantalupa Sports Village is the location chosen by Juventus to welcome groups and carry out training sessions.