Balocco and Juventus: the successful partnership continues

      The sweet taste of victory combined with the sweetness of Balocco products.

      The confectionery based in Fossano has been confirmed as Juventus' official partner for the 2015-2016 championship, consolidating a partnership that has been standing since 2010, with great mutual satisfaction.

      This is the crowning of a crescendo of successes that have brought Balocco great visibility, established in 1927 and currently one of the major national players in the sector.

      The Juventus - Balocco duo is an answer to the shared desire to actively promote an Italian model of excellence across the globe.

      Creating a connection between our name and Juventus also means becoming part of a large family, sharing values such as team spirit, commitment and perseverance to reach goals.    

      Balocco today

      From artisan pastry shop in Fossano (Cuneo) born in 1927, Balocco has become one of the major players in the national confectionery sector, operating in 63 countries. Diversification has been key to its development: in addition to the historical production of leavened goods for special occasions, we now produce continuous goods, mainly breakfast biscuits and wafers.

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