Nicoletta Paracchini

Effective Auditor

Graduated in Management and Business Admistration at the University of Turin with a thesis on Mutual Funds. From 1985 to 1991 she worked for Ersel Spa, Giubergia's Financial Company, as a financial analyst where she was responsible for analysing the technical performance of key listed companies. She gained excellent knowledge of financial markets and in the evaluation of companies and the procedures used for the listing of equity securities.

She has been a fully qualified chartered accountant since 1993, which she is currently practising.

She is registered as a professional accountant in the "Ordine di Torino" and is an expert and consultant at the Court of Turin and member of the Arbitration Chamber of the Turin Chamber of Commerce. She is a consultant for numerous corporate and non - profit organisations and hold various positions as a liquidator, standing statutory auditor and auditor for non - commercial entities. She has valuable experience in extraordinary corporate transactions, tax litigation, gives assistance during tax audits and deals with tax breaks in R & D and Industry 4.0 plans.

She takes part in study groups on enterprise crisis, risk management and collaborative practice in law. She is member of standard Committee IACP (International Academy of Collaborative Professional) e della AIADC (Associazione Italiana di Pratica Collaborativa).

She is a member of Standard Commettee IACP (International Academy of Collaborative Professional) and coordinates of a study group AIADC (Associazione Italiana di Pratica Collaborativa) about for the Applicability of Collaborative to Civil Law.