Corporate governance_modello 231


Following the entry into force of Legislative Decree No. 231 dd. 8th June 2001, which introduced an administrative responsibility regulation to the companies, Juventus’ Governance System has been enhanced with the implementation of the organization, management and control Model according to the requirements of this legislation. Moreover, the Supervisory Body was also established. This body is composed as follows: Guglielmo Giordanengo (Chairman), Stefania Dulio and Patrizia Polliotto.

The "Model pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/01" approved by the Board of Directors of Juventus S.p.A is updated with the latest law provisions.

The Governance System has also been completed by the adoption of the Code Of Ethics, which describes the principles and moral values which inspired Juventus, and of the procedure for transactions with related parties; more generally, it has also been completed by policies and procedures characterizing the activity of various organizational and operational components.