Francesco Gianello

Name: Francesco
Surname: Gianello
Role: Head of Stadium and Facilities
Place of Birth: Turin
Nationality: Italian
Born in Turin on April 28, 1969, he has graduated in Foreign and Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Turin. During his professional experience, he worked in trade and public relations field, with special reference to foreign market, given the excellent knowledge of English, Russian, German and French languages.
In December 1998 he starts to work for Juventus as Youth Dept. Secretary. He will cover this role until Juventus’ Head Offices are moved to Corso Galileo Ferraris and Sports Secretariat is set up, in which he operated up to become Head of Stadium.
He has been Head Of Stadium since October 2010 and then Head Of Stadium and Facilities since October 2018, with the objective of guaranteeing high efficiency levels of facility and maintenance services and operations of all the company’s venues.