Articles of Association

      Article 1 - DENOMINATION

      A joint-stock Company is hereby incorporated under the name of "JUVENTUS F.C. S.p.A" or "JUVENTUS FOOTBALL CLUB S.p.A", written in any graphic form.

      Article 2 - REGISTERED OFFICE

      The Company's registered office is in Turin

      Article 3 - CORPORATE PURPOSE

      The sole purpose of the Company is sporting activities and activities connected or instrumental to them directly or indirectly.

      In the framework of related or instrumental activities, the Company's purpose include promotional and advertising activities and licensing of its own brands, the acquisition, ownership and sale, with the esclusion of transactions with the public at large, of shareholdings in commercial and real estate companies or companies whose purpose is the supply of services in any case related to the Company purpose.

      To achieve the Company purpose and the objectives specified in the sections above, the Company may:

      - enter into any and all real estate, investment and financial transactions, the latter with the exclusion of transactions with the public at large, that are held to be useful or necessary;

      - promote and publicise its activity and its image using models, designs and emblems, directly or through third parties, and commercialising, again directly or through third parties, goods, objects and products bearing distinctive Company logos or signs; undertake, directly or indirectly, publishing activities, with the exclusion of the publication of daily newspapers.

      All activities must in any case be conducted in observance of the law.

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