Play With Me


Football, in its basic and most genuine form, is first of all a social phenomenon based on game.For this reason, it finds its first expression in children. Gioca con Me (Play with me) created by Juventus in 2012 is an educational game programme that aims to facilitate access to the game for those who are denied the possibility of playing football because they belong to weaker or disadvantaged social groups, or who cannot afford the costs of sports.

The idea

This project is committed to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among children through regular physical activity. The basic idea is that sport is everyone’s right and that football is one of the most effective tools to learn the rules and get out of isolation and socialize, to promote the principles of brotherhood, respect, sport loyalty and fair play.

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Gioca con Me has proven to be a concrete path undertaken by Juventus to raise awareness on current issues such as integration and to implement initiatives aimed at inclusion and respect. The exclusion of any form of discrimination enables Gioca con Me to fit perfectly into any social context / need and therefore to offer as many girls and boys as possible the opportunity to play and have fun in a real football environment, inclusive yet non professional. The essential elements of the project are safe context, a football field, Juventus brand sports kit, educational material and above all participants and technical staff trained by the Club.

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The excellent results have immediately led the club to broaden the project’s scope. In fact, since the 2016/2017 sport season the activity has also been initiated at the Juventus Academies across the border, involving partners and families against any form of discrimination. Since the 2018/2019 season Juventus has brought Gioca con Me out of its own facilities. Pilot projects, both national and international, have been launched in collaboration with associations and partners that deal with children in need.

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A project for everyone

As part of the Juventus for Special project, Gioca con Me has become open for girls and boys with cognitive and interaction difficulties, autism spectrum disorders and social difficulties to promote the inclusion of children with such disabilities who are now improving their social skills and quality of life through games and interactions with others.

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