Stadium Rules and Regulations

      (Under the articles 1 septis D.L. 28/2003, converted and modified by the law 88/2003)


      For the purpose of these 'Stadium Rules and Regulations', the term 'club' shall henceforth refer to Juventus Football Club S.pA. (Juventus), while the term 'stadium shall refer to the entire Juventus stadium structure, including any external area of Juventus property (as marked by fences) and any other property used or owned by the club.


      Permission to enter or remain within the stadium during any event is determined by the following rules and regulations:

      By purchasing a valid ticket, you are thereby consenting to the rules and regulations outlined by the stadium, FIFA, UEFA and the Italian Football Association.

      Failure to comply with the Stadium Rules and Regulations may result in expulsion from the arena and the enforcement of a fine ranging from 100.00 to 500.00 euros.

      If the transgressor has already been fined for the same offence (regardless of stadium) during the ongoing football season, the fine may be increased by up to half the maximum amount and can also result in an entrance ban to future events and stadiums.

      Spectators must comply with the following rules, bans and warnings:

      1. Tickets are assigned to an individual person and are non-transferable, except via the procedures outlined by Italian law and the organising club. Rules and procedures for ticket transfers can be found at

      2. Entrance to the stadium shall only be authorised upon proof of identity in the form of an official document. An identity document is to be shown upon request to the stewards in order to verify correspondence between the name on the ticket and the name on the document.

      3. The ticket must be kept, and showed upon request, until the end of the event and until departure from the stadium. Fans must comply with the club's procedures when leaving the stadium.

      4. Spectators may only occupy the seat allocated to them by their ticket and must not move to any other part of the stadium without the express permission or instruction of a steward or officer from the club.

      5. Spectators may be subjected to security checks by stewards and also by metal detectors in order to ensure that no illegal, banned or dangerous materials are brought into the stadium. By purchasing a valid ticket to the stadium, fans acknowledge the right of Juventus and their appointed safety officials and stewards to search any individual, clothing and other items in their possession, without exception.

      6. Disability entrances to the stadium are regulated by the club and access will be guaranteed until the full allocated seat capacity has been reached.

      7. The club reserves the right to expel any individual from the stadium who fails to comply with any of the outlined Stadium Rules and Regulations. Admission to future events will also be denied to anyone who has violated Stadium Rules and Regulations in the absence of a legal banning order.


      8. The following behaviour is strictly forbidden inside Juventus Stadium:

      a. Discriminatory abuse, chanting, harassment or the showing of offensive written banners of a racial, homophobic or religious nature;

      b. Obstructing gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, stairways and similar such places;

      c. Climbing of any structures within the stadium;

      d. Damage to, tampering with or interfering with any structure, infrastructure, equipment, furniture, fitting or fixture within the stadium;

      e. Bringing in or possessing harmful substances, flammable substances, dyes or drugs;

      f. Bringing in or selling alcoholic drinks, unless a permit has previously been requested and granted. Licenses will be issued by the appropriate competent authorities;

      g. Bringing in or possessing fireworks, Bengal lights, any other pyrotechnics or smoke bombs;

      h. Bringing in or possessing stones, knives, bottles, glass containers, noise emitters, laser devices or any other objects which could be thrown or could somehow compromise public safety;

      i. Displaying any material which blocks other spectators' views, blocks the emergency signs or is in any way an obstacle to emergency exits and escape routes towards the pitch;

      j. Bringing in or selling drinks contained in cans, glass or plastic bottles. All beverages must be poured into a plastic or carton glass;

      k. Bringing in and discriminating banners, signs, symbols and leaflets (written or printed) which differ from the permitted material that has been authorised by GOS on behalf of the club. Banners, signs, symbols and leaflets cannot be displayed in spaces which differ from the authorised ones and must be removed at the end of the event;

      l. Organising any non-authorised choreography or choreography that could differ from the ones authorised by GOS on behalf of the club;

      m. Attempting to enter the stadium or be inside the stadium whilst drunk or under the influence of drugs;

      n. Smoking in any area of the stadium, except the smoking zones.


      It is an offence to:

      • Possess any kind of weapon
      • Display banners with logos of associations that encourage discrimination or violent racial conduct (ethnic, national or religious)
      • Encourage violence during any event
      • Possess, throw or otherwise use dangerous materials or pyrotechnics
      • Climb fences and enter the pitch


      Please note: CCTV cameras are in operation both inside and outside the stadium. The database is handled according to the law articles 30.6.2003 n.196 and D.M. 06/06/2005.

      • Click here to download a copy of the Stadium Rules and Regulations.
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