Juventus Creator Lab


Juventus Creator Lab is the club’s new approach to creation, where creatives with different talents - designers, video makers, writers, influencers, streamers, social media creators - join forces in a single production centre in the heart of the Juventus headquarters.


Stories for different fanbases

Juventus Creator Lab projects embrace stories for different fanbases - the whole bianconeri ecosystem, from the First Team, Juventus Women and Next Gen all the way to those champions that have made Juventus legendary or those, such as Team Jay, dedicated to the younger fanbase.

Content Creation for New Generations

We believe the power of the “beautiful game” goes beyond football, like true emotions do. Juventus Creator Lab is the place where passions connect and stories find their shape, building a vast and varied production portfolio made to engage football fans and more through different touchpoints. Original productions for OTTs and Youtube, snack content and creators features delivered to more than 140 million followers through Juventus social media.


Freedom of expression, the strength and pride of showing oneself for who you are thus: an Original that celebrates core values such as inclusivity and respect for others. For the first time the world of football teamed up with one of the most disruptive and avant-garde expressions that the queer universe has ever shown, the world of Ballroom. An opinion that was not limited to a superficial slogan, but which became the backbone of this entire operation.

dance till you drop

"We the Next Gen": on TikTok a first-ever series dedicated to the young champions!

For the first time a European football club has developed a native format on the entertainment platform which has rapidly become a reference point for an ever expanding audience. The series has been developed respecting the specific features of the platform, from vertical shooting methods to episode length, and above all following the immersive and creative storytelling typical of TikTok.

Over these five episodes of "We The Next Gen" Juventus Creator Lab take you behind the scenes of the team until the second leg of the Serie C Coppa Italia final in Vicenza. A story told personally by those that have achieved this amazing cup run, the emerging talent of Juve’s second team. They are the ones to take us into life inside the dressing room and outside of it, showing a footballer’s reality in a completely new way, in line with the style of the platform. Between ambition and injuries, the seriousness on the pitch and moments of fun off it. "We The Next Gen" is distributed on a weekly basis exclusively on the @juventus TikTok profile.

WeTheNextGen_logo_Tavola disegno 1 copia 2


Fashion, photography, and football come together in a unique event and portrait of one of the most esteemed fashion figures: Giampaolo Sgura. During Milan Fashion Week, he presents a solo exhibition that showcases his most important works alongside portraits of Nicolò Fagioli, Paul Pogba, and Dusan Vlahovic, creating a striking connection between seemingly distant but not so different worlds.



Marco’s story is about growth, resurgence and rebirth, from a difficult childhood growing up in the testing ground of tough neighbourhoods in his native Sicily. The story is told to us in his own words and those of the people who care most for him. Above all, this is a story of love and affection, both from his family, who even though, or perhaps because, they have supported him through thick and thin still get goosepimples every time he plays, and from his partner too, who left everything behind to follow Marco on his adventure.

"Against All Odds" - Marco Da Graca


My Greatest Achievement, the original Juventus Creator Lab production, tells the story of Sara, but also of her footballer husband Arni Vilhjalmsson. The tale of two parents, who as professional sportspeople lead a unique kind of life, who believe in their choices and who have been able to carry them through even in the midst of far from irrelevant workplace difficulties - Sara's treatment by her previous club has been covered in depth and she tells it here in her own words.

gunnarsdottir backstage 10


This is the story, incredible and moving, about Daouda Peeters, who in October 2021 was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, an autoimmune-based polyneuropathy which affects the peripheral nervous system. This original production reveals, through his voice, that of his family members and the professionals who followed him, how Daouda overcame his toughest challenge yet, and is now ready to resume his career. So much so that he recently secured a loan move to Südtirol, with whom he is preparing to play in the Serie B championship this coming campaign.

Daouda Peeters

Federico Chiesa, Back on Track

"Federico Chiesa - Back on Track" is the first original production ofJuventus Creator Lab, where all the club's digital content is conceived and brought to life. A documentary available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.


"Back on Track" is more than simple chronological retelling of Fede's path back to fitness. His recovery is told firstly from a medical point of view for the focus to then shift to his rehabilitation, with his own voice telling the story, but also the voices of all those that participated in his journey, as well as letting the images speak for themselves.

75 minutes in which we relive the story of his recovery, accompanied by Federico in all aspects of his life, sporting, professional but also with his nearest and dearest.

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